Mission Friends Leaders Summer Camp

2021 Summer Camp for Mission Friends Teachers–Day 2

Campers in each cabin work together to gain the Star Cabin Award at a real summer camp. Campers do many things together and work to get along with each other. They become a cohesive group as they play games, learn skills, swim, and dine together. They help each other, especially when cleaning the cabin every day. The campers tell stories and laugh with one another. Cabin mates may even become best buddies during this time.

We certainly want our preschoolers in Mission Friends to get along with one another! We want them to learn to play together, take turns, and share with one another. But with the pandemic continuing, how do we gather a group of preschoolers safely? How do we minimize exposure to one another in our Mission Friends classrooms? How in the world do we keep them 6 feet apart?! We suggest a few things you can do in your classroom as you begin Mission Friends again.

Classroom Tips
  • Consider making a supply kit for each preschooler. Prepare a box for each to include crayons, markers, a glue stick, scissors, and paper. Label the supply box with the child’s photo and name. Make extra boxes for visitors. Day 2 Photo 1
  • Keep personal protective equipment on hand in the classroom: gloves, masks, and safety goggles.
  • Decrease the number of preschoolers who can play in an interest area at one time. Blocks and Homeliving tend to be two interest areas in which several preschoolers might gather at one time. Limit the number, and redirect other preschoolers to another interest area. Consider having a time limit so preschoolers can take turns in the interest areas.
  • Define spaces for the interest areas by using shelves, chairs, or tape on the floor.
  • Mark squares in an interest area to show preschoolers where to stand and the number of preschoolers who can do that activity at one time. Day 2 Photo 2
  • Reduce the number of preschoolers at a table. Place chairs at opposite ends of a table, and on opposite sides of the table.
  • Use masking tape or painter’s tape to mark a visual boundary for work at a table. Day 2 Photo 3
  • Use tape on the floor to mark a square or X for each preschooler to sit for Group Time. Day 2 Photo 4
  • Make a line on the floor with tape at the bathroom door so preschoolers know where to stop and wait. Use a stop sign also. Day 2 Photo 5
  • Use a tub or bin for items to be cleaned and sanitized. Label a red bin for dirty items and a green bin for items that have been cleaned. Day 2 Photo 6
Day 2 Download

Use the Mission Friends Nameplate to mark the place for each preschooler at a table, Group Time, or cubbies during a session. Laminate or cover with clear, self-adhesive plastic to use again each session. Make extras for visitors.

We can take steps with our Mission Friends groups to limit exposure while in the classroom. We may not always be able to keep preschoolers 6 feet apart, but we can give them visual boundary lines and teach them what these visuals mean. The above suggestions are helps to use in the classroom as preschoolers gather again, but are no guarantee that germs will not spread. Follow the CDC guidelines, as well as those of your state, city, and church. Rather than sharing germs, may your preschoolers share God’s love with everyone as your Mission Friends group gathers together again.