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Missions Discipleship

10 Practical Ways to Use Family Vacation as a Missions Trip

Summer is just around the corner, and plans for fun family vacations have already begun! Share the following ideas with your GA, RA, or CA families to encourage them to add a missional element to their next trip.

  1. Before you leave on vacation, pack blessing bags to hand out while you are on vacation. Include Bible verses, sunscreen, snacks, or other appropriate items.
  2. When you are in a restaurant, ask your server how you might pray for him or her before you pray over your dinner.
  3. Bring a list of missionaries on your trip, and spend time writing notes of encouragement to them. Pray over the cards together before they are mailed.
  4. Before you leave for vacation, find a local food pantry, clothes closet, or other ministry in the city where you are headed. Call them and ask if your family might spend a few hours volunteering with them while you are in their community.
  5. Prayerwalk the resort or vacation location together as a family. Pray for the other guests, the employees, and the local churches.
  6. Find a local church or church plant and contact them. Ask their pastor/church planter if there is a volunteer opportunity for your family.
  7. Plan to have family devotion time each evening of your vacation, and invite other families you meet to join you.
  8. Write notes of encouragement for hotel or resort staff. Include encouraging Scripture verses. Spend time as a family delivering these notes and asking if you can pray with them.
  9. Meet new friends at the tourist attractions you visit. Make sure to invite them to a worship service or help connect them with a local church in their own community.
  10. Take extra toys, ice pops, or bottled water to the pool or beach with you. Use these as a way to talk to people. Give the toys to other children to play with before you leave.

Being intentional about sharing God’s love with people you meet on vacation will help your children see just how easy it is to be on mission in all areas of their lives.