Water Project: Christmas Project

While Westerners celebrate Christmas through giving, many people around the world go without basic necessities like clean water. This project aims to help church families realize the abundance that God has given them and out of gratitude, choose to give the gift of clean water this Christmas. During a time when materialism is emphasized, this project can add meaning to Christmas.

In this project, children will learn about Pure Water, Pure Love and make gift bags containing ornaments and water bottles. During the weeks leading up to Christmas, your church will collect donations for PWPL and give donors the gift bags in remembrance of their gifts.

Your church can do the following:

  • Read John 4:1–15 about Jesus and the woman at the well.
  • Pass around a cup of water for the children to look at. Explain that not everyone in the world has such easy access to clean drinking water. Click here for other water facts that you can share.
  • Share with the class members that they can help raise money to give clean water to people around the world through this project.
  • Assist the children in making the water drop ornaments. Click here for the instructions for making the ornaments.
  • Compile gifts bag to give to donors. Remove labels off water bottles and replace with PWPL labels (find these labels on the resource page). Add a flyer that explains PWPL.
  • In the foyer of your church, hang the water drop ornaments on a Christmas tree (or placed in the gift bags if there is no tree) and set out gift bags. Have donation envelopes for members to put money into and drop into a box. In exchange for their donation, the donor will get a gift bag that includes a water bottle, ornament, and PWPL flyer.

Inspiration from: Ramona Griffith, Minnesota Wisconsin Baptist Convention

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