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Please see the terms of agreement at the bottom of this page before using clip art. If you can't find the clip art you need, or have additional questions, please see the help information at the bottom or contact us

General clip art/logos:
WMU logos
Ministries & Other

Links to age-specific clip art pages:

Links to Weeks of Prayer graphics:
Annie Armstrong Easter Offering (will be directed to NAMB)
Lottie Moon Christmas Offering (will be directed to IMB)

WMU Promotional Graphic
JPEG: black & white | color

WMU Promotional Graphic with tagline
JPEG: black & white-vertical | black & white-horizontal | color-vertical | color-horizontal

PNG image file: (transparent background) color-verticalcolor-horizontal

WMU Promotional Graphic with tagline​ (in Spanish)
JPEG: black & white-vertical | black & white-horizontal | color-vertical | color-horizontal

WMU Foundation
JPEG: black & white | color 

WMU Logo (historical)
JPEG: black & white

Ministries & Other:

(in alphabetical order):

Baptist Nursing Fellowship (BNF)
JPEG: black & white | color

Christmas in August
JPEG: black & white | color

Emphasis Graphic 2014–2016 (All For You)
JPEG: black & white | purple | green

Emphasis Graphic 2014–2016 (All For You, in Spanish)
JPEG: black & white | purple | green

IMS (International Mission Study), General 
JPEG: black & white

Project HELP, General 
JPEG: black & whitecolor 

Pure Water, Pure Love
JPEG: black & white | color

color horizontal (jpg)
color vertical (jpg)
black and white horizontal (jpg)
black and white vertical (jpg)


JPEG: black & white | color

International Initiatives
JPEG: black & white | color

JPEG: black & white | color

Terms of Agreement: You may use images from this page for WMU-related events, publications, and Web pages. We do request that you use them with the colors provided, or in black or white. Also, in order to preserve the integrity and recognizability of the logos, we ask that you do not “tweak” them (stretch, bend, rotate, etc.) electronically, except for resizing. For more information on WMU, SBC, copyrights, see our online copyright notice.    

Need help?

1. Click on the links below to view the corresponding image. (Vector images will not be viewable, but will download immediately or offer the option of “save as.”)

2. If you are using Internet Explorer, while viewing an image in its normal size, go to File>Save As . . . Choose a name and destination for the file. Save. Alternatively, you can right click on the link and choose Save As . . . Choose a name and destination for the file. Save.

Not sure what kind of format you need?

  • JPEGS and GIFS: These files can be brought into almost any word processing or page layout program and resized. Both of these formats will lose significant resolution if you enlarge the image more than 120 percent. If your final output is to an office printer (laser or inkjet) or to the Web, these formats should work fine. These formats can be opened with image editing software such as PhotoShop and converted to other formats, color modes, and image sizes. NOTE: The JPEG and GIF files are saved at 300ppi, and therefore, they will appear approximately three times their normal size when viewed on the screen. When imported into another program, they will appear their actual print size.
  • Vector: This format can be brought into many word processing or page layout programs. They can be enlarged to any size without losing resolution. This format is commonly used when the final output is to a printing company, but can also be used on many office laser printers. Inkjet printers do not print vector images properly.
  • Word and vector files: When you place a vector file into Word, please use this method . . . go to your menu and select Insert>Picture>From File, and then select the file you have downloaded. You can then resize the image as needed.

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