North American Missions Emphasis

North American Missions Emphasis—An annual event, usually in early March, comprised of the North American Mission Study, Week of Prayer for North American Missions, and Annie Armstrong Easter Offering for North American Missions.

Posters, prayer guides, and offering envelopes are available from your state WMU office.

When your church does the North American Missions Emphasis effectively:

More church members pray for missions. Praying may occur in worship services or in small groups, such as Sunday School classes, Bible study groups, missions groups, etc. The prayer guide is available through your state WMU office.

More individuals and families make it a point to give to missions. Setting a church goal for the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering and providing offering envelopes encourages church members to give. Missionaries rely on this offering as the lifeblood of their service.

Church members are more likely to do missions activities. Planning a hands-on project during this time can be as simple as collecting canned goods for a food bank or conducting an Easter-related event for neighborhood children.

Tips for a successful North American Missions Emphasis:
• If the suggested date doesn’t work for your church, choose another week.
• Discuss with your pastor and church leaders how to involve as many church members as possible in learning about, doing, praying, and giving through a variety of activities.
• Use a variety of communication tools, including door hangers, your church Web site, emails, posters, and bulletin boards, to raise the awareness of your church members.

Ideas you can build on:
• Involve church members in hands-on missions projects.
• Consider organizing a missions trip to help with ministry needs for a North American missionary.
• Connect with one of the week of prayer missionaries or another North American missionary to determine their ministry needs.
• Contact your local association or state convention for projects available in your community.

See the WMU Year Book and Missions Leader® magazine for more ideas and information.

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