Royal Ambassadors Training

Use these tools to help you understand the RA curriculum and organization:


Making Mission Stories Come Alive
Mission stories can have a deep impact on boys as they gather for missions study. Here are some ideas on how you can make these stories come alive.

Create a Chapter Scrapbook
Begin a scrapbook of activities and missions projects completed by your chapter this year. Start with the very first chapter meeting.

Ideas for Helping Royal Ambassadors Learn the RA Pledge
Included are suggestions for activities just for learning the RA Pledge.

Working with Boys
To work with boys, you need to understand them. A wise leader will seek to understand the strengths and weaknesses of boys and plan activities that will challenge them physically, mentally, and spiritually. No two boys are the same, but they share many of the same traits.

Positive Reinforcement with Boys
Boys who are obstinate, disruptive, and slow to finish may be brought into a spirit of cooperation with proper attention and positive expressions.

RA Bible Memory Verses
Looking for additional RA memory verses? Are your RAs working toward their Mission Bible Memory Medals? If so, these verses are a good starting place for their memorization work.

Risk Management Tips
These tips are meant to help in planning. They are in no way exhaustive. Please consult with your church leaders and proper authorities regarding specific issues in working with children.

Developing RA Leaders
You are an example, a living library of knowledge and skills that others seek to acquire. Do you currently have a “Timothy”-type person in your life? Will you prayerfully identify one or more persons to whom you can pass the torch of leadership? In doing so, you will leave a legacy of leadership that will affect subsequent generations.

Attention Getters
Attention getters are used to draw everyone’s focus to the leader, allowing him to make announcements or give directions for the next activity.

Enlisting RA Leaders
Committed leadership is one of the most important parts of the Royal Ambassadors organization. Recruiting and cultivating leaders is crucial to establishing and maintaining a dynamic Royal Ambassadors ministry.

Use these videos to assist in training RA leaders.

For information about RA trainings, events, and personal consultations in your state, contact your state WMU office or state RA office.


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Children’s Ministry DayTM is just around the corner (February 13). If you don’t yet have an activity planned for the children of your church, don’t fret. Consider one of these easy-to-incorporate ideas:

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