How to Lead a Child to Christ

Leading a child to Christ is one of the most exciting things you will ever do. It can also be intimidating. Remember that, while God has called you to share this message, it’s the work of the Holy Spirit that leads a child to give his or her life to Christ.

This Month – March 2020


March 2020 RA Leader Downloads and Links


March: Bandana Race

Download “Bandana Race” to use during “Bandana Race” (p. 21 in RA Leader). 


March 2020 GA Leader Link

March: Miniature Bull Riding 

Watch this video about miniature bull riding during “The Junior Rodeo” (p. 23 in GA Leader). 


March 2020 Children in Action Downloads and Link

March: Matthew's Big Moment 


Children's Missions Day: Some Last-Minute Tips

Children's Missions Day (CMD) is one of the best opportunities to prepare the next generation to reach people for Jesus Christ—and to show children what they are capable of accomplishing now! Remind children of these truths as you prepare and promote CMD in your church and association:

Putting Feet to Your Faith

One of the most important parts of missions is not just learning, but doing. That's what Children's Missions Day (CMD) is all about. During CMD, kids get the opportunity to put feet to what they've learned. They get to be on mission, maybe for the first time.

It's More than Compassion

As a former classroom teacher, I wanted the children in my care to be compassionate toward each other, the members of our school, and our community.

Children's Missions Day: A Family Affair!

As a leader for children’s missions in your church, how can you encourage more parents to be supportive of Children’s Missions Day (CMD)?


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