Missions Explorers

Missions Explorers

Project Learning

Preschoolers can do project learning. In Mission Friends project learning is what Missions Explorers is all about. It’s fun, and it’s easy. And it’s optional. Here are some things to remember when doing projects with young children:

Set up a special area in your classroom for project learning. Include necessary supplies and additional materials such as brochures, books, teaching pictures (many are on the Internet), and a box, pocket folder, or large envelope where preschoolers can keep their work.

Label supplies and keep them in separate boxes such as one for crayons, one for scissors, one for paper, etc.

As preschoolers investigate and learn more about their project, make a list of what they have learned on chart paper. Or have them draw what they have investigated and done on butcher paper. Preschoolers can draw or write about their findings.

Be sure to have a time for sharing what preschoolers have learned while working on their project(s). Invite parents and guests to attend the Project Presentation.

To learn more about Missions Explorers and project learning, read pages 19–20 in Mission Friends Guide for Leaders.

November 2017

Threes and Fours

How We Can Help at Church

Talk to 3s and 4s about Brian and Heidi Frye’s ministry to college students at Ohio State University. The Fryes hold Bible studies, take missions trips, and worship together with the college students. Tell preschoolers that the Fryes’ children work with them. The children help their parents set up for Bible study and worship.

Ask your preschoolers how they could help at church. Invite them to brainstorm for ways that they could help each week. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  1. Check for dried markers and broken crayons in the children’s department.
  2. Help pick up bulletins or other paper left in the worship center. (Caution: Use gloves to pick up paper, especially tissues. Wash hands thoroughly after this project.)
  3. Look for broken toys in your classroom.
  4. Ask your churches administrative assistants for ideas, such as folding bulletins or placing inserts into bulletins.
  5. Straightening envelopes or Bibles or hymnals.

Each week, make plans for preschoolers to help at church. Take pictures as preschoolers help. Create a PowerPoint or MediaShout slideshow to show what your Mission Friends are learning.



Learning about College Ministry

Ask kindergartners what they know about college. Tell them that Brian and Heidi Frye and their children minister to college students at Ohio State University. Talk about the different ways that the Fryes minister: Bible study, missions trips, worship times, inviting students to their home for meals, etc. Ask your preschoolers what they would like to learn about collegiate ministry. Write down their questions.

Each week, invite local campus ministers or college students to talk to your preschoolers about campus ministries. Record ways that your preschoolers and their families can pray for college students.

If possible, Skype or Zoom with some of your church’s college students who are away. Invite your kindergartners to ask them what life is like in college.

Invite your kindergartners to use smart phones to make videos for the college students in your church. Ask your kindergartners to tell the students hello, sing a song, and offer a prayer or Bible thought. Send these videos out by text messaging or email.

Take pictures each week and create a PowerPoint or MediaShout presentation to play in church to demonstrate what your Mission Friends have learned. 

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