>> myMISSION is an organization for young women through which they learn about missions by engaging in Bible study and prayer, building community, and participating in missions projects in their area.

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myMISSION Leader

Equip myMISSION leaders to guide young women with these monthly group plans. Each month includes a Bible study plan based on the FOCUSed15 series by Katie Orr, Authentic Girlfriends, or a special holiday; a mission study with prayer points; and a missions project idea inspired by a social justice issue. Available as a digital download only.

June 2018 • $3.99

May 2018 • $3.99

April 2018 • $3.99

March 2018 • $3.99

February 2018 • $3.99

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myMISSION Coloring Pages

James 2:8 (pdf)

Romans 13:10 (pdf)

Galatians 5:14 (pdf)

Isaiah 61:1 (pdf)

John 17:25–26 (pdf)

Mark 9:37 (pdf)

Matthew 11:28 (pdf)

Psalm 57:1 (pdf)

John 17:25 (pdf)


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Additional Resources

Fulfilled, vol. 13: The Next Step

Take "the next step" in missional living with this year's inspirational volume of fulfilled. The booklet's articles encourage and equip women to find their purpose in missions, prepare to do missions, and practice missions.

W174101 • $1.99

Missions Mosaic

Each issue quips you with a Bible study, prayer starter, ministry ideas, and evangelism tools. Get inspired with true stories of women who are transforming their communities for Christ. For your children, you'll find family missions tips to involve them in ministry. And every issue includes Prayer Patterns, daily devotions followed by a listing of missionaries on their birthdays each month. Readers can intercede for each missionary at least once a year.

12 monthly issues • $22.99


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Share your love of Christ with others on mission trips.

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