>> myMISSION is an organization for young women through which they learn about missions by engaging in Bible study and prayer, building community, and participating in missions projects in their area.



Missions Mosaic

Published for all women on mission, whether they are members of Women on Mission -- or not! Each issue quips you with a Bible study, prayer starter, ministry ideas, and evangelism tools. Get inspired with true stories of women who are transforming their communities for Christ. For your children, you'll find family missions tips to involve them in ministry. And every issue includes Prayer Patterns, daily devotions followed by a listing of missionaries on their birthdays each month. Readers can intercede for each missionary at least once a year.

Annual Subscription (12 monthly issues) $20.99


myMISSION Leader Download

Now women of all ages can use Missions Mosaic as their guide for learning about missions with the release of new downloadable quarterly guides titled myMISSION Leader. This resource has been designed especially for younger women and fashioned around the categories of faith, community, missions. This leader guide helps myMISSION leaders take relevant articles in Missions Mosaic and apply them to the lives of younger women in small groups.

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Summer 2017 E164114 - $3.99

Spring 2017 E164113 - $3.99

Winter 2016-17 E164112 - $3.99

Fall 2016 E164111 - $3.99

Additional Resources

fulfilled, vol. 13: The Next Step

Take "the next step" in missional living with this year's inspirational volume of fulfilled. The booklet's articles encourage and equip women to find their purpose in missions, prepare to do missions, and practice missions.

W174101  $1.99

He Said What?!

He Said What?! artfully places you in the midst of powerful and meaningful conversations Jesus had with women. Discover His words’ incredible meaning for women today. Allow His values and desires to restore order to your life. Experience new understanding and gain insight for living as you hear Him speak to you. 

N154106  $15.99

fulfilled, vol. 12

The theme of this year's inspirational volume of fulfilled is Building Relationships. The articles and sidebars encourage women to build relationships with their neighbors, through hobbies, and with people who are different from them. Order enough copies of this excellent booklet to introduce missional living to all the women in your church.

W164101  $1.99

myMISSIONfulfilled On-the-Go Notebook

A fair trade item, this conveniently sized and modern catch-all notebook is ideal for anyone needing to capture ideas and thoughts on-the-go. Each book has been hand-crafted by WorldCrafts artisans and features 100 percent recycled cotton paper 75 pages, unlined to accommodate any entry. Each book is bound with an elastic closure, able to keep your place or simply keep your pages stored securely while in tote. Your purchase of this item provides income and hope to people working to come out of poverty.

H094101  $8.99


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