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Listen to engaging conversations that will inspire you to go deeper in your Christian faith walk. This podcast is designed for women who want to develop a missional lifestyle.

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Podcast Episodes

EPISODE 1 – 10 Ways God Encourages to Give and Receive Hope

Christi Haag encourages us to heap grace upon grace and pray big! We have an amazing opportunity right now to be the hands and feet of Christ. God is sovereign and He is trustworthy—in the good times and in the challenging ones. Satan wants to keep us comfortable . . . in selfishness and fear . . . but we are to reach others with the hope of found in Christ.  
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"I loved the 10 short phrases that will help me remember these points: Pray big. Run! Armor up. Dig deep, dig wide. . . Also that a scripture verse was referenced with each one. Looking forward to the next “On the Journey” Podcast.



EPISODE 2 – Hope for Anxious Women in Anxious Times​

Anxiety is a reality. If you are anxious, you are in great company along with some great heroes of the faith. Our hope is in trusting that God keeps His promises. Dr. Cindy Townsend describes types of experiential treasures found in anxious times through three analogies: the joy ride, the trust fall, and the faith walk. Learn to make faith—not fear—your default response to anxiety.
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EPISODE 3 – Committed to God's Call

Master storyteller Rosalie Hunt brings history to life as she recounts the life of Ann Judson, the first American woman missionary to go overseas. She and her husband, Adoniram, sailed to India before serving in Burma (now Myanmar) in 1813. Be inspired by this woman of great courage and determination who influenced generations to remain committed to God’s call, no matter the cost.
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EPISODE 4 – Loving God with All Your Mind

It’s part of the first commandment: In Matthew 22:37, Jesus commands us to love the Lord with all our mind. This means not only filling your mind with the things of God, but considering how you can love and honor God by doing your best thinking. Listen as Sylvia DeLoach shares resources and techniques she’s discovered through years of research and application that foster skills such as innovation, creativity, and critical thinking.
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EPISODE 5 – Build Each Other Up

We were made to live in community . . . to do life together. Christian coach and missions leader Connie Dixon discusses the importance of honoring God and honoring others by cultivating authentic relationships. In today’s frantic and fractured culture, this is more important than ever. We were never meant to walk through life alone, but to encourage one another along our faith journey with Biblical truths as our guide.
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EPISODE 6 – Going Widdershins When it Matters

Widdershins means to go in a new direction, contrary to what is expected. How does a leader recognize a widdershins moment? Citing biblical examples, Dr. Pam Smith, author and leadership development strategist for South Carolina WMU, says going widdershins matters when God speaks clearly, the stakes are very high, or to ensure the ministry’s future. Learn how (and when) to chart your course and navigate challenges.
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EPISODE 7 – Be a Visionary Leader: Lessons from Fannie E. S. Heck

“He sees the end from the beginning. We, one step behind and none before.” Fannie E. S. Heck, the most quoted woman in the history of WMU, helped shape a missions movement at just 23 years of age. More than 100 years after her death, we are still captivated by this profound leader who fearlessly pursued the cause of Christ. Be inspired to pray for His power and live for His purpose.
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EPISODE 8 – 7 ‘Tudes for Tough Times

No doubt, these are tough times. But no matter what is going on around us, God is faithful, and our attitude is always a choice. Attitude is a ‘tude to have for tough times. Gratitude is another. How do you nurture a heart of gratitude? Listen as Sandy and Tamiko Jones, executive director of WMU of Texas, explore seven different ‘tudes we need to endure and lead others through challenging circumstances.
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