Parents today are busier than ever. We manage our households, work full-time jobs, help with homework, chauffeur our children to sports practice and games, music lessons and recitals, art lessons and shows, and a million other social events. Phew, some days we barely have room to breathe!

And, still.

Right there in the midst of our crazy schedules, we hear that little voice telling us that we need to lead our children to fully live out their faith.

As believers, our greatest desire is to see our children

  • move from a focus on self-gratification toward a focus on ministering to others,
  • develop God’s love for all people, and
  • embrace the call to take the name of Christ to the nations.

Teaching our children His Word and His gospel purpose is God’s directive to parents. Being missional is not difficult. Wherever you go, you are surrounded by a mission field.

Missions is not just a lifestyle. Missions is our life.

We would love to help you develop as a family on mission. Our greatest desire is to help you with simple, practical ideas for leading your children into missions.

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