This Month in Acteens

October 2018 Extra Options

Enhance your Acteens meeting with these extra online options for this month in Acteens.


October Bible Study: Free Rice

Play a multiple-choice vocabulary game to provide free rice to those in need. Free Rice is sponsored by the United Nations World Food Programme. When players get the right definition of a word, rice is donated through the World Food Programme to those who need it. If a player misses a word, the word comes up a few plays later to give the player another chance to get the correct definition.

Set up one or more computers in your meeting room. Have the Free Rice site ready for students to play the vocabulary game Let girls take turns playing the game.


October Spiritual Growth: Poverty Awareness

Explore online quizzes about poverty and hunger in the United States. Here are some you may want to use with Acteens.

Several quizzes are available from Hunger Notes:

“Quiz: What Is the State of Poverty in the US?”


October Missions Focus: Learn More about Romania

Spend some time learning more about Romania. Assign girls to search for specific information about Romania. Among topics you may want to choose: interesting facts, religion, economy, geography, tourism, education.

If you want to assign websites, consider these:

“14 Interesting Facts about Romania”

“Facts and Stats about Romania”

“Romania: Natural and Cultural”



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