What about Lottie Moon?

How do you help preschoolers understand who Lottie Moon was and why we give to missions through an offering in her name? “All About Lottie Moon” leaflets provide a great way to introduce preschoolers to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. The following suggestions offer creative ways to use the leaflets with preschoolers.

  • Invite preschoolers to share what they liked best about Lottie Moon’s story. Ask them how they felt when they learned this information about Lottie Moon.
  • Provide art materials and challenge preschoolers to create their own Lottie Moon leaflets. Ask a parent or family member to scribe preschoolers’ words. Consider copying the preschooler-designed leaflets and distributing them in your church.
  • Make a Lottie Moon mural to put outside the Mission Friends classroom. Encourage preschoolers to draw their favorite scenes from Lottie Moon’s story.
  • Help preschoolers set up a Lottie Moon living room in the Homeliving area. Provide some words written in Mandarin Chinese (available online) so preschoolers can see the Chinese language that Lottie learned. For a special treat, provide cookies for preschoolers to eat. (Post allergy alert chart, if serving cookies.)
  • Ask preschoolers to practice sharing their favorite Bible stories and guide them to share the stories with a friend. They will learn in the leaflet the Chinese people loved to hear Bible stories, and they especially loved to hear that Jesus loved them.
  • Encourage preschoolers to make cards for people who might need a word of love and encouragement. Remind them Lottie wrote many letters to raise money for missionaries.


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