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Missions Explorers

Project Learning

Preschoolers can do project learning. In Mission Friends project learning is what Missions Explorers is all about. It’s fun, and it’s easy. And it’s optional. Here are some things to remember when doing projects with young children:

Set up a special area in your classroom for project learning. Include necessary supplies and additional materials such as brochures, books, teaching pictures (many are on the Internet), and a box, pocket folder, or large envelope where preschoolers can keep their work.

Label supplies and keep them in separate boxes such as one for crayons, one for scissors, one for paper, etc.

As preschoolers investigate and learn more about their project, make a list of what they have learned on chart paper. Or have them draw what they have investigated and done on butcher paper. Preschoolers can draw or write about their findings.

Be sure to have a time for sharing what preschoolers have learned while working on their project(s). Invite parents and guests to attend the Project Presentation.

To learn more about Missions Explorers and project learning, read pages 19–20 in Mission Friends Guide for Leaders.


Missions Explorers March 2018

This month, lead preschoolers to explore how Christ Community Church in Boston, Massachusetts, tells others about Jesus and how your church tells others about Jesus. Use these suggestions with Threes, Fours and Kindergartners, encouraging Kindergartners to take the project a step further as their development and skills allow.

Missions Explorers church comparison chart

Encourage preschoolers to make a chart showing things they learn each week about Christ Community Church and your own church. Use chart paper or butcher paper. Draw a line down the middle of the paper. Write Christ Community Church on one side of the line, and My Church on the other side of the chart. Preschoolers can draw simple pictures of things they learn about each church, or older preschoolers may dictate words for you to write on the chart. Use more chart paper as needed throughout the month.

Provide resources for preschoolers to learn about Christ Community Church:

  • Show Pictures 1-4, Mission Friends Leader Picture Set, Spring 2018.
  • Provide items from Mission Friends Leader Kit, Spring 2018: item 4, “Massachusetts Puzzle;” item 6, “College Campus;” and item 13, “Meet the Mahons.”
  • Visit the church website: christcommunityma.org.
  • Following the mission story each week in Group Time, ask preschoolers what they learned from the story about Christ Community Church and ways they tell others about Jesus. Draw or write these on the chart. 

Provide resources to help preschoolers learn about your church:

  • Provide your church’s directory.
  • Help preschoolers explore your church’s website.
  • View and discuss your church’s newsletter or bulletin
  • Show a brochure or information from a new member’s packet.

For Kindergartners, expand the project by leading them to interview a church helper who is involved in a ministry of your church — your pastor, other staff member, or a lay leader.

  • Help preschoolers think of three or four questions to ask the church helper.
  • Invite the helper to visit your Mission Friends at the end of the month.
  • Allow preschoolers to ask their questions. Remind them to listen for the answers.
  • Consider recording the interview with a voice messaging app to play back for Kindergartners later.
  • Write/draw what preschoolers learn about your church on the chart.

Display the charts in the church hallway for parents and others in your church to view. Pray for Mr. and Mrs. Mahon and the people at Christ Community Church as they tell others about Jesus. Pray for the ministries of your church as Jesus’ love is shared with others in your community.

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