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Mission Friends is an ongoing missions discipleship organization for preschool boys and girls (birth through kindergarten). Through Mission Friends, preschoolers . . .

  • become aware that God wants everyone to know of His love
  • move from a focus on self to a focus on others
  • apply Bible thoughts to their lives as they learn to pray, give, and help others.
  • and their families learn of ways to give their time, talents, and money

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Missions Focus March 2018

Missions Area: Boston, Massachusetts | Concept Area: Church | Missionaries: Brian and Jenny Mahon

 5 Fun Facts about the Missionaries

  1. Brian and Jenny Mahon [MAY-on] live in Newton, Massachusetts, 7 miles from Boston.

  2. The Mahons have three children, Luke (7), Kate (5), and Lydia (3).

  3. Mr. Mahon is co-pastor of Christ Community Church, which meets in the building of a Chinese congregation.

  4. The Mahons often spend time outdoors. Luke likes tennis, Kate likes to sing, and Lydia does what her brother and sister do.

  5. The Mahons like to invite neighbors into their home.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray that Mr. and Mrs. Mahon will find many ways to tell people about Jesus.

  • Pray for the members of Christ Community Church, that they will share God’s love with their community.

  • Pray for strength, wisdom, and encouragement for the Mahon family, as they share with people who are not very interested in God.


Luke helps Luke likes to help at church. He puts out songbooks and Bibles before services and helps take them up afterward.
Newton Serves 2 Christ Community Church helps with yard work and other chores during Newton Serves to meet people and tell them about Jesus.
CCC worship

Christ Community Church likes to sing and praise God together.

Photos courtesy of the Mahons.

























Missions Area: Boston, Massachusetts

Newton, Massachusetts is a city of 86,000 people, and is near Boston. Most people have little interest in God or church. Christ Community Church is one of only a few churches in town that preach salvation through Christ.

 Christ Community Church shows Jesus’ love through Bible studies at a local college and an assisted living facility, tutoring for children who are victims of domestic violence, and cleaning the city on Newton Serves Day.

 Additional information and activities are in Spring Mission Friends Leader, pages 8–24, the March leaflet of Spring Mission Friends at Home, and First Steps in Missions, vol. 23, pages 50–57. WMU Year Book 2017–18 has planning helps. 

by Nell Branum, Gardendale, AL


Families on Mission Calendars 2017–18

Preschoolers and their families learn about missionaries and pray for them, help others, and learn some Bible thoughts together on page 4 of each month's leaflet of Mission Friends at Home.  Ask your child's Mission Friends teacher for a copy.


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