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Witnessing Their Way

 What first enters your mind when you hear the phrase “missions trip”? Is it construction projects, international travels, or children’s camps? Most trips have a set “mission.” However, I’ve realized that our plans are pointless if we don’t look for the needs of people and meet them where they are.

A few years ago I went on a missions trip to the Golden Isles in Georgia, and one day we were scheduled to play games with residents at a nursing home. I love board games and couldn’t wait to round up a group of seniors for some good old competition.   

We set up Mexican Train Dominoes, and I sat next to a woman named Miss Flora. “I don’t want to play the game,” she told me.

“Of course you want to play!” I exclaimed.

“I’m blind,” Miss Flora said curtly.

After an awkward pause, I said, “Well, Miss Flora, we can be on a team. I can tell you everything that is going on!” It didn’t take me long to realize that listening to the number of dots on dominos was not very fun.

What’s Your Routine?

At every stage in my childhood, I had a bedtime routine. When I was three years old, I insisted that my dad read P.B. Bear’s Birthday Party every single night. No other book would do! When I was five, I got up about 10 seconds after my parents tucked me into bed. I would march into the living room and announce, “I can’t sleep!” Then my dad would carry me back to my room and tuck me in bed for a second time.

Routines are the structure of our everyday lives. Many Christians desire to make spending time with God a part of their daily routine. However, this is easier said than done. When you are already balancing work, school, family, church, and other activities, how can you squeeze in another time commitment?

I faced this question during my freshman year of high school when I decided to read through the entire Bible before I went to college. I set a goal of reading one or two chapters every night before I went to bed. At first it was difficult to keep up the momentum. Sometimes I missed several days in a row, and I fell behind. However, I never quit. Even if I lagged behind schedule, I pressed on.

Forgetting Step 1: Prayer

I walked into my college internship ready to lead my first meeting. Armed with a stack of papers and my red pen, I was eager to present my project to the staff. But before I could tackle my agenda, my supervisor asked if she could pray for the meeting. “Lord,” she prayed, “We want You to work through this project. Please guide our decisions because we need Your wisdom.”

Wow. I realized that praying for God’s guidance in this project was not even on my radar! I had become so caught up in my planning that I completely forgot to invite God into the picture. Did I want God to work through this project? Absolutely. Did I stop to ask Him for guidance? No.

It’s easy to ask God to help us with life’s big issues, like choosing where to go to college or deciding on a major. However, we often forget to ask God for leadership in decisions that we make every day. I wanted to do God’s will through the project, but I failed to seek His counsel in the first place.


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