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WMU Compassion Ministries

WMU’s Compassion Ministries offer you the opportunity to directly help suffering people throughout the world.

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Christmas in August: Ekandem Update

We have seen God’s hand during this COVID-19 crisis. Long before we knew what was about to hit us, we saw God move in miraculous ways. It’s like He's been saying to us: “Don’t fret. I’ve got this! I’m in control.”

Cool Summer Prayers

Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, the children's team would encourage GA, RA, and CA leaders to focus on encouraging children to pray for workers, their communities, and their families.

My Prayer for You is Jeremiah 29:13

As I have shared before, things sure have changed in the dental office since COVID-19. When I began practicing in 1979, I wore no mask or gloves to treat patients . . . only eye protection. When patients saw me in the marketplace, they would often times recognize me and come over to chat.

Free Resources for You and Your Church

As committed Christ followers, we can use our influence to make a positive impact on the Kingdom during this crisis.

Embrace orphans and other vulnerable children

As we focus on the call to embrace orphans, the reality is that most vulnerable children served today by caring Christians throughout the United States are not technically orphans.

Seek to Bring Christ Glory

For him. Those two little words in the emphasis verse make the biggest difference in our unshakable pursuit of God. Read the verse and focus on those two words in the last phrase: My dear friends, stand firm and don’t be shaken. Always keep busy working for the Lord.

Like Seeing for the First Time

WMU’s Christian Women’s Job Corps ministry helps women gain life skills and job skills in a Christian context. Shirley, a former CWJC executive director, shared this story:


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