National Acteens Panelists

The National Acteens Panel is a group of young women who are interested in missions and impacting their world for Christ. The young women selected as national panelists have exhibited a strong commitment to Christ and to missions through their involvement in Acteens, leadership responsibilities in their church and community, and dedication to their academic studies.

National Acteens Panelists are representatives for Acteens from across the country. Panelists serve for one year. In that time, they have many opportunities for growth, leadership experience, and sharing their ideas and hopes for the future direction of Acteens.

Panelists serve at a national WMU event, where they have the opportunity to interact with missionaries and other national leaders involved in missions. They may also speak at churches and events in their home states. Panelists also have a direct avenue to speak personally to Acteens by writing articles for The Mag and blogs for our Web site.

Acteens Mission Trips

Are your Acteens ready to test their missions mettle away from home?

Here are two ways you and your Acteens can take your missions service to the next level.

Acteens Activators

Acteens Activators are Acteens who work alongside missionaries to help enhance and further the work they do on the field. Acteens Activators work with North American missionaries and Acteens Activators Abroad work with international missionaries.

What do Acteens do on an Activators trip? Basically, anything the missionaries need them to do! That is, within the scope of the girls' skills, talents, and abilities.

Types of ministry activities include but are not limited to:

  • Bible clubs
  • drama, music, and puppets
  • food and clothing distribution
  • working with refugees and migrant workers
  • community surveys
  • light construction
  • addressing social issues

The application process will guide you through selecting the types of ministries you would prefer to work with. National WMU then matches your preferences to requests from missionaries.

This Year in Acteens

Paul’s life focus was sharing Christ with all those he encountered, doing whatever it took so that some would come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Students are maturing in a postmodern, even post-Christian world, in many places. Truth, as a critical component of faith development, is often watered-down or even non-existent. Missions discipleship is a perfect opportunity for students to be exposed to the truths of the gospel of Christ and challenged to fully live out their faith as Christ calls all believers to do.

As teenagers develop their abilities to think abstractly, they begin to understand more fully the connections between the Old and the New Testament, the deeper meanings of the parables, and other accounts of the interactions between Jesus and a variety of individuals. The wonderful result of this deeper understanding is a more developed ability to apply these spiritual truths to their own lives.


Acteens FAQs

What is Acteens?

Acteens is a missions organization for girls in your church who are ages 12–17 or in grades 7–12. Through Acteens, teenaged girls in your church can have opportunities to grow in their relationships with God and their peers. Acteens learn to look beyond themselves and become actively involved in missions and ministry. Missions is at the heart of Acteens, and members explore and do hands-on missions in their communities and beyond. Acteens are also actively involved in learning about missions and praying for and giving to missions.

Why does my church need Acteens?

Research tells us that gender-specific organizations provide a healthy learning environment, particularly for teenage girls. Acteens offers teenage girls an opportunity to grow in their understanding of God, themselves, and others in an all-girl environment. Acteens experiences help girls develop dynamic relationships with God leading them to make missions a continuing part of their lives.

Ukuleles, Gratitude, and the Presence of God

There are certainly typical Thanksgiving week activities—traveling to visit family members, making pies ahead of time and putting them in the freezer, cleaning the house in preparation for company, and making gratitude trees, jars, leaves, banners, and so on—as a way to visibly express our thankfulness. And then there are the not-so-typical Thanksgiving-week activities. Like the ukulele concert I attended last night, for instance.

A friend of mine plays the ukulele and has taken group lessons the past couple of years. Each November the group has offered a concert. Several of us have gone to support our ukulele-playing friend, and to enjoy the concert of a group of 10–12 ukulele players. Not only do they play in concert, but they play fun, popular songs, including some oldies. Audience members are given lyrics sheets and invited to sing along. And to my surprise, the audience has enthusiastically participated in these concert experiences.

5 Things Every Graduate Needs to Hear

The month of May usually finds students across the country with only one thing on their mind: Summer vacation! But for many, this yearly pause comes with an added weight of expectation.

Graduation. The end game of the elementary, the medal of honor for the middle schooler, and the holy grail of the high school senior. For many, this long awaited day is fast approaching. But before these happy few take off for parts unknown, make sure they take a little time-honored wisdom with them as they go.


Change Is Coming

Truly, graduation marks the end of one journey and the beginning of another. Peeking out from underneath the shelter of family and the security of childhood can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be scary. Dive in to the “new.” Don’t be afraid to live into this time of transformation!


Rise to the Challenge

You got this! Yes, “adulting” is hard. Yes, you will make mistakes. Yes, you will find that the world is a lot more complicated than you thought. But you can make it! When you fall, get back up again.


Our Hope Elevates as Christ Ascends

Have you ever heard of the Friend Zone? It’s that awkward period of time in a hopeful relationship where you know someone better than an acquaintance, but you just haven’t made the jump to saying “I like, like you,” yet. If you’re like me, you’re all too familiar with this in-between stage of a relationship.

The truth is, life is full of these types of circumstances. Middle school students probably know this best. They aren’t kids anymore, but they’re still in the early stages of those crazy teenage years. High school seniors also know what this is like: Many have been accepted by the college of their dreams, but graduation is still so far away!

We are all used to living in this liminal space. Like standing in a doorway before entering a room. Not coming in, not going out. I’ve heard it said that Christ has begun a new work in the world but we have yet to see that work accomplished. We live in the “already but not yet.”

Be On Mission during Summer Vacation

Summer Missions

Summertime is often a time when things slow down. The kids are out of school, the days are longer, and there is often a feeling in the air of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Do you notice this in your church, as well? Attendance is usually lower during the summer months because families take vacations at various times. Church activities might be canceled in favor of other events. Organizations within your church might take the summer months off so nobody misses anything important. Or your church might adjust programming to a summer schedule.

No matter where your church falls in the variety of summer schedules, it makes sense to use this time to take a break, step back, and prepare for a fresh, clean slate in the fall. That might mean meeting in a different location or trying something different from time to time.

Regardless, we need to remember that we never really get to take a break from growing in our relationships with Christ. If you are a youth leader and want to help your students continue to grow in their faith, even during the summer, why not try a few of these ideas?

The Best Mother’s Day Gift

Mother's Day

If you’re a mom, you might wonder why every day can’t be Mother’s Day. Being a parent is tough work, no matter what that looks like for you. Unfortunately, there is only one day allotted on the calendar to celebrate moms, but we have to be a mom those other 364 days, too.

Have you ever considered motherhood as a missions field? It’s messy, filled with long days and daunting tasks. There are some really high points, like the first time you hold your newborn in your arms, and there are some really low points, like when your teenager argues with you for the 900th time.

As moms, we need to remind ourselves that we are on a missions field everywhere we go, modeling Christ for those little people who call us Mom.

This year, I will celebrate my very first Mother’s Day, so I am no expert. My son is almost one, and I know I have so much to learn as he grows up. It’s helpful knowing that I have a sacred job, a job that I do not take for granted.

Of my many jobs as a mom, the most important is to model Christ for my son and always point him to Christ.

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