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Join Sandy Wisdom-Martin and guests for On the Journey Conversations!

Listen to engaging conversations that will inspire you to go deeper in your Christian faith walk. This podcast is designed for women who want to develop a missional lifestyle.

My Prayer for You is Jeremiah 29:13

As I have shared before, things sure have changed in the dental office since COVID-19. When I began practicing in 1979, I wore no mask or gloves to treat patients . . . only eye protection. When patients saw me in the marketplace, they would often times recognize me and come over to chat.

Let's be Faithful to Share the Gospel

On my first and only job interview in 1979, the doctor, whom I had never met, took me to lunch along with the other two staff members. We had casual conversation and then he began asking questions.

Christ has the Power to Radically Transform Hearts

My daughter was taking a test in school. Trying to answer the question as honestly as possible, Hannah filled in circles in front of both Caucasian and African-American. The next day when the test was returned, the circle for African-American had been erased.

Taking heart and trusting in the One

I think we can all agree that COVID-19 has brought trouble. We really shouldn’t be surprised because in John 16:33b, God gives us warning that in this world we will have trouble. Yes, COVID-19 is trouble, but His Word doesn’t leave us there. He follows up that warning with encouragement.

Be still and hear from the Father

We are living in unprecedented times for sure; times that can even seem chaotic occasionally. For instance, do YOU have toilet paper? Bowling Green, Kentucky seems to have none!

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