Well Project - Idaho

Reaching Cowboys in Idaho

Many think that the water crisis is only a problem for Third World countries on the other side of the globe, but there are many water needs right here in the United States. Salmon, Idaho, is a small, rural town in isolated Lemhi County. They have a population of less than 200 that mostly consists of ranchers. The town is so remote that there is no municipal water system and, up until recently, no churches.

Salmon Valley Baptist Church planted Lemhi River Cowboy Church in east Salmon, trying to reach the spiritual thirst of this secluded people group. Last summer, they began constructing a building to house the church. The pastor of both churches, Mike Palmer, saw that the physical need of water was also an issue for the people to whom he was ministering. Palmer applied for a grant and, with the help of Pure Water, Pure LoveSM, was able build a portable water well for the community.

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