Friday Letter - November 11, 2016

We Celebrate Prayer . . .

On Monday, women around the world (nearly 130 countries) gathered for the Baptist Women’s World Day of Prayer. It was European women, the first to organize themselves into a continental union, who gave birth to the idea of a special day of prayer among Baptist women. After the devastation of the Second World War, Baptist women in Europe felt compelled to begin the healing processes for women isolated by war and national loyalties. I know many of you participated in day of prayer activities. David George and Candice Lee were with the First Baptist Church of Montgomery. Linda Cooper participated in events in two states! She was in the Nashville Baptist Association with many Tennessee WMU staff members, as well as the Warren Baptist Association in Kentucky.

We Celebrate Generosity . . .

Last week Kristy Carr and Laura Harper participated in the Pure Water, Pure Love (PWPL) Celebration at Northside Baptist Church in Douglas, Georgia. This year the churches in the area gave just over $30,000 to PWPL. We are grateful for their incredible generosity.

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