This Month’s Spotlight Update: Cathy Tisher

Cathy Tisher portrait

No one can doubt the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on Chaplain Cathy Tisher’s ministry. Because of how rapidly the virus can spread in nursing homes, Cathy’s ministry has been put on hold. Chaplains have been deemed “nonessential” staff and prohibited from coming in.

Preschool Monthly Focus

August 2020 Focus

Missions Area: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Concept Area: Church

Missionaries: Cathy Tisher


The Impact of COVID-19 on Senior Living Facilities

Cathy Tisher has served as a nursing home chaplain for more than 17 years in the Oklahoma City area.  Currently, she is the only chaplain for three senior living facilities and serves as the home bound ministry leader in her local church.

An Air Force Chaplain’s Unique Approach to Discipleship

Ron and Marsha Harvell

The US Air Force’s deputy chief of chaplains, Chaplain (Brig. Gen.) Ron Harvell, and his wife, Marsha, have been on mission for God in our nation’s capital since 2018.

A Chaplain: “Being There” until the Last Breath

Chaplain David Carey and his family

“For me, God has taken away the sting of death,” says David Carey, a full-time hospice chaplain in Maine. “And because of that, I am able to minister to the spiritual needs of those who are terminally ill, along with their families.”

Trusting God to Provide

Debi Sharkey with her husband

“I was a new college student and completely broke,” recalled Debi Sharkey, head chaplain for a maximum-security prison in Louisiana. “I had used the last of my toothpaste. I needed a few dollars to do my laundry and buy toothpaste, but I wouldn’t get paid for a few weeks.”

Your Friend, the Chaplain

“When you’ve seen one chaplain . . . you’ve seen one chaplain.” Many people lump chaplains into one big group and, quite honestly, don’t have a clue as to what they do or who they are. In many environments, such as the military, chaplains gain a great deal of respect.


Praying for Disaster Relief Chaplains and Workers

pray for disaster relief volunteers

In one of my earliest experiences with Baptist Disaster Relief, I learned firsthand the precious value of those who support the ministry from behind the scenes.

Reflections of a Disaster Relief Worker

Disaster relief child care

This month in Mission Friends, we will learn about chaplaincy in disaster relief. Several years ago, I felt led to receive training in Disaster Relief Child Care through Alabama Baptist Disaster Relief, which is part of Southern Baptist Disaster Relief through the North American Mission Board.

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