Sending Hope

There were windows all across the front of our building. I could watch as their car approached. When it was parked, Wendy would retrieve the wheelchair from the trunk and place it as close to the passenger door as possible. After opening the door, she would position the chair and set the brakes. Then Kevin would use what strength he had to transfer from the car to the wheelchair with Wendy’s help.

Kevin had been a police officer. The camaraderie, protecting the defenseless, and helping others was part of his life each and every day. That was before multiple sclerosis robbed Kevin of his ability to do a job he loved. It took from him other things as well. What it couldn’t take was his faith, courage, and determination. He has a wife who loves him dearly and children who adore him. Kevin took his situation and made it into something beautiful and meaningful to others.

Once inside the state WMU office, Kevin would make his way down a long hall to the room where he counted Annie Armstrong Easter Offering envelopes and prayer guides. He carefully bundled them in different quantities to be mailed to churches for promotion during the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering season.

The theme for the 2019 Week of Prayer for North American Missions is Sending Hope. As Southern Baptists, we are sending hope to college students struggling to find truth. We are sending hope to internationals who find themselves far from home. We are sending hope to abused women and children. We are sending hope to parents estranged from children. We are sending hope to those caring for loved ones held captive by dementia. We are sending hope to prisoners and those imprisoned by their addictions. We are sending hope to the hungry, the lonely, and the outcast. We are sending hope to anyone lost without Christ.

Hour after hour, Kevin would count and sort bundles. He did his part to send hope. Will you do your part? Participate in the week of prayer and give generously to the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering. And always be ready and willing to share the hope within you.


Thank You for volunteers like Kevin who work tirelessly behind the scenes for the cause of missions. We pray for our NAMB missionaries. Give them strength and stamina to do what must be done to send hope during difficult times in challenging places. Call Baptists to generosity to support the work You’ve given us to do. In Jesus name. Amen.


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