See You on the Other Side

Every discussion with her leaves me wanting more. My friend Sylvia has the ability to plant a seed and make me think in new and different ways. I often look at the end of an email first. That’s just where my eyes naturally glance. Sylvia closed a recent email with the words, “See you on the other side.” That got my attention. I wanted to know, On the other side of what?

Sylvia has a self-professed penchant for words. I still remember a word she taught in a conference decades ago. It’s now one of my favorites. The word is phrontistery. Do you know what it means? Look it up. Sylvia is always studying and learning. You see her treasured books as soon as you walk in the front door of her home—well, the books that remain. She has culled her collection repeatedly.

The most recent word she taught me through an email is liminality. She says it means on the brink of what was and what will be. All the rules are changing. There is almost a constant sense of inadequacy and rapidly changing vocabulary. It is a place of passage. It is somewhere between now and the not yet.

We stand on the threshold of 2019. We may feel unsettled by the terrain that constantly shifts beneath our feet. Yet we need not fear the unknown of the future. We can thrive in liminality in spite of the chaos. It is in this liminal space that we have the opportunity to “ponder anew what the Almighty can do.” Even in the midst of despair, we can see God’s hand at work.

Press on. Step through the doorway of the New Year, committed to walk by faith and not by sight. Go deeper in an unshakable pursuit of communion with our Creator. Sense the wonder and awe and majesty of our God at work in our world each and every day of 2019. I can’t wait to see you on the other side of this year to celebrate all God does in our midst.


As we pause between the years, purify our hearts. Help us become more aware of Your presence. Give us passion to pursue you wholeheartedly. Guide our steps as we move forward. In this New Year, may all we say and do bring glory and honor to Your kingdom. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


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