Mully Children's Family offers hope

Charles Mully with rescued children in Kenya

It’s one thing to hear about it, but quite another to experience firsthand. Poverty-stricken parents making the gut-wrenching decision to give their child away. What could be worse than walking away from your child? I can think of two things: watching your child die of hunger or seeing him or her sold into human trafficking so he or she can be fed.

My colleague witnessed the drama unfold in real time as overwhelming pain gripped the hearts of parents when they handed their child over to Mully Children’s Family (MCF), a place they knew their child would be cared for and not exploited, making it the only viable option with their lack of resources.

Charles Mully, the founder of MCF, was the firstborn in a family of eight, living in poverty in Kenya. At age 6, his parents abandoned him as they left in search of a better living. Charles grew up begging on the streets and became a Christian as a teenager. When Charles was 17, he walked more than 40 miles to Nairobi to seek employment. He found work and met his future wife, Esther. Charles became a wealthy entrepreneur and respected community leader, and he and Esther had eight biological children. In 1989, the Lord laid it on Charles’s heart to help other children living in poverty in Africa. He sold all his property and businesses in order to provide street children in Africa with shelter, medical care, education, and more. Since then, Charles and Esther Mully have taken guardianship of more than 12,000 abandoned children.

Mully Children’s Family in Kenya offers hope and a loving home to children in need, along with educational, agricultural, and vocational training that positively impacts the community. For example, women rescued from sex trafficking learn skills such as sewing and jewelry making at the Yatta Vocational Training Centre, which is part of MCF. The new Yatta Purse and Yatta Necklace from this artisan group is now available through WorldCrafts.

In addition, WorldCrafts is partnering with Catalyst Resource Group (marketer of faith movies to Christian audiences) with resources to support Mully, a movie about Charles Mully and how one man’s obedience to God has transformed a nation. Beyond a gripping storyline, Mully will help believers identify ways they can personally impact the issues of poverty, sex trafficking, orphan care, and adoption.

October 3–5, Focus on the Family will sponsor a theatrical release of Mully in approximately 800 theaters. Visit to purchase host and viewer media kits to bring screenings of this movie to life, including a devotional book and small-group study guide centered on the Mully family’s story of discipleship. The host kit is ideal for groups or families watching the movie together, and the viewer kit is for an individual, whether in a group setting or on your own. Find a theater in your area and purchase tickets at

As a mother and committed Christ follower, I am drawn to this story. There are 150 million orphans worldwide. I want to make a difference.



You are passionate about orphans. You are Father to the fatherless. We weep for the lost, neglected, weak, sick, lonely, hungry, and forgotten children of the world. Convict us. Give us Your passion. Move us beyond apathy to action. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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