Modern-Day Annie

Trent and Elizabeth DeLoach

NAMB missionary Trent DeLoach considers his wife, Elizabeth, to be a modern-day Annie Armstrong. God used her to open Trent’s eyes to the unreached peoples of North America. When they met, Trent quickly learned of Elizabeth’s desire to be a missionary to eastern Europe. She had traveled to Bosnia to work with her missionary father on three occasions. She loved the culture and food. Elizabeth had a passion to make the gospel known among the Bosnian people.

Trent grew up in a rural area and never heard the call to international missions. As they courted, Elizabeth felt God say to her, “Just trust Me.” They finished college, got married, and moved to Louisville, Kentucky, where both enrolled in The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Trent says he expected to graduate with a master of divinity and pastor a church where people “look like me, talk like me, act like me, and come from a similar background.”

While in seminary, they discovered 5,000 Bosnians call Louisville home. Elizabeth was beyond excited and started dragging Trent to every Bosnian restaurant, bakery, and coffee shop. Of course Elizabeth could speak some of their language and had a deep appreciation for the culture. Trent, on the other hand, was pretty intimidated at first and questioned why a farm boy from southeast Georgia would be engaging in cross-cultural ministry.

As they interacted with Bosnians, Elizabeth started having gospel conversations with Muslim women. She desperately needed a man to share with the Muslim men. Trent starting praying for someone to work with Elizabeth and interact with the Bosnian men. She continued to serve faithfully and set an incredible example for people of other cultures and countries. She prayed for people and always pointed them to Christ.

Trent and Elizabeth were invited to a party. Trent remembers sitting in a room with 1,000 Bosnians. God broke his heart for the people and their need for Christ. He also realized no matter how good the preaching and worship, most Bosnians would never come to one of our churches. They would live and die without hearing the gospel from a trusted friend. That night, God called Trent to be a more intentional missionary to unreached peoples God has brought to our country.

Trent is quick to say it is Elizabeth and her example of patience, perseverance, sharing the gospel and loving people of other cultures that God used to open his eyes. Her obedience changed the trajectory of their lives. They have been on this ministry journey together for more than 15 years. Their shared calling is to work hand in hand to engage the nations God is bringing to our country.


Break our hearts for the peoples of the world who live among us. May we be faithful in our intercession, intentional in building relationships and courageous in proclaiming hope found solely in Christ. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Pictured: Trent DeLoach, pastor of Clarkston International Bible Church, with his wife, Elizabeth, a modern-day Annie Armstrong.


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