Men and WMU

This month, my husband and I celebrate our 25th anniversary. Frank proposed to me on top of the Burger King boat on the Mississippi River with a ring bought from a pawnshop. Did I mention we were seminary students at the time? That boat was destroyed when she broke loose during the flood of 1993 and hit a bridge in St. Louis. I lost the ring while packing school supplies during a WMU event in Nashville, Tennessee. It just slipped right off. Some lucky first grader got to show his mother new crayons, scissors, glue, and a cool ring he found in the bag.

The boat and ring are gone. The marriage remains. We went to Branson one year when our daughter was young. We bought new wedding rings and went outside the jewelry shop where our daughter put the rings on our fingers and pronounced us husband and wife (again).

I think back over 25 years and the sacrifices my husband made. He did not protest when I wanted us to get married at GA camp or when I asked a WMU colleague to plan our honeymoon. Our trip had to be shorter than intended because I needed to be back for the first Mississippi River Ministry convocation.

We each recited vows we had memorized. In part they said, “You are a gift from God . . . I will honor your goals and dreams. I will endeavor to support you as you use the gifts God has given for His glory.” Frank has more than lived up to these vows.

He’s not the only one. A host of husbands sacrifice so their wives can live out God’s call on their lives through WMU. They tote boxes, move tables, and make trips to the airport. They comfort when things go awry. They tirelessly cheer and support and encourage. Kentucky WMU has a proud tradition of giving such men a WMU hat. They explain the hat stands for Wise Men Understand.

We also owe a debt of gratitude to the men who lead and participate in WMU missions organizations and ministries. Men who lead boys in Royal Ambassadors and Challengers or serve through Adults on Mission, Christian Men’s Job Corps, or other missions opportunities are integral to our vision: challenging Christians to be radically involved in the mission of God.

Let’s honor these men and pay tribute to sons and husbands and fathers who cheerfully and actively advance our mission. Make an effort today to show appreciation to such a man. If my dad were still living, I would take him a coconut cream pie. Maybe I can find tickets to send my husband to see the Chicago Cubs play ball. What can you do?


Thank You for devoted men who support us with the work of their hearts and hands. Remind them how much they are loved by friends and family. Order their steps. Divinely orchestrate events that will enable them to see Your hand at work. Reinvigorate their faith, moment by moment. Give them the wisdom and guidance they need for this day. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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