The Flying Mission Friend

I met Andrew at a retirement for a friend. Andrew is a grown-up Mission Friend who was also involved in Children in Action and Youth on Mission and served on multiple missions trips. As a freshman in high school, he was asked to teach Mission Friends at his church. Andrew’s teenage life was already packed with activities. If he took on the role, he knew he wanted to do it right.

Andrew attended WMU training events where he learned how to configure the classroom for optimal learning. Although the planning and preparation for Mission Friends was time consuming, he found working with the children fun and rewarding. “In Mission Friends,” Andrew says, “they are getting fundamental knowledge about the principles of being a missionary and all of the resources used to support them. When I would see them start to learn those things, it would reassure me I was doing what I needed to be doing.”

One of the challenges Andrew faced while teaching Mission Friends was his commitment to the high school tennis team, his favorite sport. He knew he would still have to go to practice on Wednesday nights. He balanced both commitments by planning early, attending a short practice, and then driving to church. “You just have to make it all work sometimes,” he says.

Andrew understands the importance of missions discipleship. “Missions is an important part of being a Christian,” he says. “If it wasn’t for missions discipleship, I wouldn’t have made serving others as much of a priority in my life as I did. As I got more involved in doing missions, it helped me develop a positive attitude about servant evangelism, even though there were times when I would have to go out of my comfort zone or make sacrifices.”

When Andrew graduated high school, his Mission Friends graduated to Children in Action. Andrew just finished college with a bachelor of science in aviation. He will teach flying until he has enough hours to become a commercial pilot. I’ve told the preschoolers I teach about “the flying Mission Friend.” Andrew is who he is today because missions leaders poured into him. Who are you pouring into?


Thank you for committed missions leaders who believe in and invest in others. Give us hearts to impact the next generation. Help us serve from the overflow of Your abundant grace at work in our lives. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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