Trick or Treat for Missions

Turn Your Home into the Place for Halloween Outreach

During the Halloween season many churches develop events in an effort to reach their surrounding community. Some community members will attend, but many people fear coming anywhere near a church building. Have you ever considered how your family can use Halloween to bring the gospel into your community?

Here’s how:

  • Pray. Before Halloween, begin praying with your children. Ask God to bring not-yet-believers to your home. Ask Him to help you know what to say to people and to show His love to everyone who visits your home.
  • Prepare goody bags. Include candy, Scripture cards, and an invitation to visit your church. Include information about your children’s ministry and any upcoming events. Have a goody-bag packing party with your children. After you’ve prepared the bags, pray over them, asking God to help you reach your community with His gospel.
  • Prepare for parents. Set up something special like a hot chocolate and coffee bar. This will help you engage the parents while the children are trick-or-treating. Take this time to let families know who you are and to learn more about them.
  • Involve your children. Guide children to distribute goody bags. Use this opportunity to teach your own children the joy of sharing Jesus’ love.
  • Debrief. Afterwards, pray for the families you met. Make notes. Write down names and family facts you remember from the evening. How can you follow-up? Did they seem interested in involving their children with your church? Did you learn of a need in your community? Discuss ways your family can continue to reach out to the families you met.

So, where do you spend Halloween? Do you normally help out with the cakewalk at your church’s fall festival? Do you dress up a car for a trunk fest, or do you stay at home with your lights off, hoping no little goblins will disturb you? Consider spending this Halloween with your family sharing the gospel with people you may never otherwise meet!

By Laci Post

Laci writes from Dallas, Georgia, where she lives with her husband, Jason, and her sons, Avery and Eli.

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