The Impossible to Possible

Mully Children’s Family (MCF)

At our ministry partner Mully Children’s Family (MCF), the impossible becomes possible through the love of Christ. This ministry models Jesus’ example of serving the least of these. Here, the poor, the oppressed, the displaced, the orphaned, the street children, and those enslaved to sexual exploitation receive hope and a future. God is at the center of this ministry as children are brought to Christ and equipped to disciple others.

MCF is a Kenyan-based orphanage and much more. MCF’s 2 children’s homes and 4 community development centers serve over 2,500 children on a daily basis. Here children receive not only shelter and nourishment, but also education, vocational training, healthcare, and spiritual guidance.

MCF is an agricultural farm and much more. MCF’s farms are the major employer of women within their communities and produce more than 90% of the food eaten by MCF’s children. Through agriculture, MCF is creating a model of sustainable ministry.

MCF is a family. On a foundation of deep parental love, children learn to love others unconditionally. With over 12,000 children and growing, MCF is the World’s Largest Family! This family’s love does not end at their property lines. It reaches out to needy communities everywhere to bring help and to share the gospel.

WMU has partnered with Mully Children’s Family in three main ways:

  • WorldCrafts partners with artisans employed at the Yatta Vocational Training Center in Yatta, Kenya, run by Mully Children’s Family. The women artisans, who are victims of human exploitation, are provided sustainable income and assistance in their recovery and restoration as they participate in the programs at the center. The artisans make the Yatta Purse and the Yatta Necklace. These artisans are featured in the WorldCrafts Support Freedom Campaign.
  • Mully Children’s Family has received grants through Pure Water, Pure Love to provide clean water resources for the community they serve. There have been several times of severe drought that have made access to water scarce. Through the PWPL grants they have been able to provide access to clean water through a water well. You can find out more about PWPL online.
  • The Mully Movie is a documentary that captures the incredible story of Charles Mully’s life. Charles went from orphan to millionaire who sold everything to save tens of thousands of abandoned children. WorldCrafts partnered with the movie to create resources to help people learn about the importance of orphan care and unpack the themes of discipleship exemplified in Mully.  You can watch the movie for free and find all the resources online.   

It is a joy to partner with all God is doing through Mully Children’s Family. Please pray for MCF and the impact they have in Kenya. Pray for the WorldCrafts artisans and their families. Consider ways your church can be involved in this ministry: prayer, supporting artisans, sharing the story of all God has done. Will you join in?


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