“Go Tell,” and they did!

A picture is truly worth a thousand words! On Saturday, thousands of children in grades 1–6 participated in national WMU-sponsored Children’s Missions Day. Children from all over the nation participated in hands-on ministry. Children’s Missions Day was created to encourage children to get out in their communities to do missions.

The theme this year was “Go Tell,” and they did! Children told others of the love of Jesus by feeding the hungry, visiting shut-ins, ministering to the needy and so much more. My Facebook feed was filled with pictures of the day from various states. It was so exciting to see the smiles on each face, witness the love shared and read of the creative ways they ministered.

One association in Kentucky planned a carnival to be held at an apartment complex where a local church was already ministering . . . joining where God is already at work. The children of the Baptist association worked games like cola ring toss, bean bag toss, dive for ducks, go fish . . . all with prizes awarded. Adults on Mission got in on the action, too, by making popcorn and snow cones for the children. The smiles on their faces were priceless as children ministered to children.

My association had to have two sites this year to accommodate all of the children who wanted to serve. What a great problem to have! We met at a local ministry site where they learned about the ministry, about missions, and the gospel. They also sorted and organized donated books, clothing, food and helped stock the community store there.

Another group of children ministered at a local nursing home and rehab center. We played many games with prizes awarded for the winners. The children made the competition so much fun. To see the smiles on the residents’ and children’s faces was worth it all to me.

They also made a Valentine card for each resident telling them Jesus loves them. They added stickers and candy. The children were so creative. When it came time to make the deliveries, they practically ran me over reaching for several cards each. Oh, to be that zealous to serve. When they walked down the halls to make their deliveries, it was priceless. Eighty-eight residents knew that day they are not forgotten and Jesus loves them, all because children were willing to serve.

Children all over the country learned through Children’s Missions Day that they, too, can make a difference in the lives of others even at their young age. We must ask the hard question . . . what am I doing in hands-on ministry? Am I making a difference?

By Linda Cooper, WMU President


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