Share Your Faith

This month, we are encouraging students and their leaders to get out there and share their faith. But how do you prepare for something like that? How do you even begin to explain Who Jesus is and why He’s so important to you? The first step involves building relationships.

We’re not talking about making friends with ulterior motives here; the ultimate goal is certainly not to trick people into following Christ. When we say “building relationships” we mean just that.

Before we go any further, let’s take a moment to see how Jesus shared Himself with others.

Jesus met people where they were not where they should have been.

Throughout the gospel story, we read about Jesus eating meals with sinners like Zacchaeus and consoling confused religious scholars like Nicodemus. Jesus made a point to find his way into all levels of society, building relationships with people of all walks of life. Finding them wherever they were and valuing them as children of God.

Jesus offered friendship and hospitality with no strings attached.

Jesus fed the hungry, healed the sick, and even provided wisdom to the foolish. In each instance, there was never any payment in return. No collection was taken up at the feeding of the 5,000, no political favors were expected from the centurion with the sick servant, and no gratitude looked for from the ten lepers.

Jesus was clear and forthright with His message no matter the consequences.

There was never a justification needed or apology given for the message Jesus came to bring. It certainly wasn’t a mystery to those who hung around Him long to know Who He was and what He was all about. Such genuine honestly and commitment to anything, let alone one’s faith, is a rare thing to find these days.

So as you go out, we encourage your to do so with these three thoughts in mind. As you share your faith with the people around you, may the relationships you make be true, long-lasting, and full of His grace.

Zachariah Seanor is the national consultant for Royal Ambassadors, Challengers, and Youth on Mission; husband to an amazing wife; and lover of the great outdoors. When he’s not in the office writing blogs, he enjoys warm fires, cool summer nights, and long walks with his border collie, Nellie.

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