All Things Big and Small

When I think of missions, my first thought is a big trip taken overseas. I think of going to Africa or Asia, eating strange new foods, forging new relationships and working hard, and meeting the needs of people who have never heard of Jesus.

Then I look around me and realize there are people right outside my front door who have never heard of Jesus. I realize that anywhere I am is a missions field if I’ll just let God use me as a missionary.

It’s hard to remember that we are called to be missionaries as soon as we accept Jesus into our hearts. It’s hard to be intentional about sharing His love with others as we go about our sometimes mundane day-to-day tasks.

We don’t have to pack a giant backpack and head to Africa in order to be missionaries. In fact, there are over 269 million lost people in North America, so we need to consider taking off our giant backpacks and reaching out to our many neighbors who are lost.

If you’re wondering how you can help all of those lost people, start with prayer. Prayer is powerful and intentional and miraculous. You are doing amazing things when you pray.

Another great way to help the lost in North America is to give to the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering. You can rest easy when you give to this offering because 100% of the funds go toward furthering the kingdom by supporting and equipping North American missionaries.

This week is all about missions in North America, but why stop at a week? Choose a missionary near you or someone whose story fascinates you and commit to pray for them each day. Find out if there are mission trips happening near you and be intentional about helping the lost around you. If there aren’t mission trips around you, plan your own. If that’s not possible for you right now, consider spending a day doing missions work in your town or donating items to help benefit those less fortunate.

There are countless ways we can be the hands and feet of Christ in our neighborhoods, towns, states, and nation. Missions is, in fact, a big trip taken overseas. You can lace up your boots and work hard for a week in Asia, creating relationships and meeting needs for those who live far away. But missions is also a small act of kindness done for the person in line behind you at the coffee shop. Missions is a prayer for the person who cuts you off in traffic. Missions is all things big and small done to further God’s kingdom.

What are you doing to further God’s kingdom in your nation today?

Maegan Dockery is the marketing strategist for the Missions Resource Center at national WMU. She is a lover of missions, adventure, and travel, especially when they all coincide; Kraft macaroni and cheese; and calligraphy. When she’s not traveling, or dreaming of doing so, she can be found chasing her newly-mobile son, Jonah.

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