17 Ideas for 2017

Happy New Year! As you think about leading your Acteens in 2017 use these 17 ideas as ways to connect with and guide your girls in the coming months.

  1. Spend time on the social media sites your girls use most often. Not interested in joining Instagram or Snapchat? Then don’t join. But get your girls to share with you what they like about their favorite social media sites. Join those you feel comfortable joining and connect with your girls in ways they frequently communicate.
  2. Give your girls leadership opportunities throughout 2017. Assign them to lead Acteens meetings, missions projects, and other group activities. Challenge them to do more than they may believe they can do. Help them know you’ll be there to support them along the way.
  3. Attend extracurricular activities your girls are involved in. From dance recitals to musical concerts your presence will speak volumes about your interest and investment in the girls you lead.
  4. Get away with your girls…for an afternoon…a day…or a weekend. Plan some fun activities and add some retreat time as well.
  5. Plan to do a multi-day missions project during the summer. Even if your youth group takes a missions trip each summer, adding a few days for you and your Acteens to do ministry together will be a wonderful opportunity of sharing Christ, leadership, and connection for your girls.
  6. Prayer is key to a strong relationship with Christ and vital to the good health of your Acteens group. Set an example for a strong prayer life with your girls. And give them suggestions for how to strengthen their personal prayertime. Send your girls texts to let them know you are praying for them.
  7. Go old school. Send your girls cards of encouragement through snail mail. No matter how old we get, it’s still fun to receive things in the mail.
  8. Plan to do MissionsQuest with your girls during this semester. Haven’t done MissionsQuest with your Acteens before? No worries. Here’s where to get started. MissionsQuest can be done individually or as a group and is an opportunity for your girls to go deeper in their spiritual walk with Christ.
  9. Encourage your girls to use the prayer calendar to pray for missionaries on a daily basis. A monthly prayer calendar is included in Acteens Leader and a shorter version is available in The Mag.
  10. Change the location of your Acteens meeting once in a while. Meet in a coffee shop. Meet outside when it’s warm enough. Or meet in someone’s home. The change will spark energy and creativity with your girls.
  11. Expand the circle of your group. Find creative ways to involve other girls in Acteens events. These may be girls in your church who aren’t involved in Acteens or girls from the community who don’t have a home church. Let your girls take the lead on these ideas!
  12. Make a wish list with your Acteens for 2017. What are the missions projects they are most interested in doing? And which girls want to take the lead on each of these projects?
  13. Encourage your girls to share their faith on a regular basis. And not just when your Acteens group is doing a missions project together. Help the girls explore creative ways to share their faith with others.
  14. Think about partnering your girls with women who are willing to be mentors for your Acteens. Encourage your girls and their mentors to spend time together, pray for one another, and get to know one another this year. Encourage the mentors to help your Acteens develop their leadership skills.
  15. Make sure your Acteens have an opportunity this year to share what your group is doing with the congregation either on a Sunday morning or a Wednesday evening.
  16. Ask your Acteens to video a missions project you do this year and send a short clip to acteens@wmu.org. We’ll post it on social media for other groups to enjoy!
  17. Spend time with other adults in your church who have leadership responsibilities with the teenagers you work with—from Sunday School teachers to student ministers. Learn what the students are studying in other groups besides yours. Connect as leaders to help your students develop a strong spiritual relationship with Christ.

If you have questions or need help in 2017 with your Acteens group, we are here to help!

Email: acteens@wmu.org

Facebook: facebook.com/NationalActeens

Phone: (205) 991-8100

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