Mission Friends Teachers Summer Camp - Day 4

I Will Sing to God (See Ex. 15:1).

Let’s have a sing-along around the campfire! We also will share a special devotion for you in the video below.

Silly songs are a great part of camp. Do you remember a silly song from your childhood? At camp there are also praise and worship songs at vespers and chapel times. When I went to Girls in Action camp, we even sang songs for the meal blessings and for flag raising and lowering ceremonies each day!


How to Teach with Songs

Preschoolers love to sing. Music is one of the ways they learn. Use music in your Mission Friends classroom to help preschoolers learn about God and missions. Sing a Bible thought to help preschoolers learn the words. Some preschoolers learn easier when they sing the words. Songs are also a way to get preschoolers’ attention. Songs are helpful to sing at clean-up time or to start off Group Time. A movement song helps preschoolers get their wiggles out before the mission story.

Use songs from Sing to the Tune as suggested in the sessions in Mission Friends Leader. The easy words of the songs are set to familiar tunes such as “Mary Had a Little Lamb” or “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.” No piano or instrument accompaniment is necessary for these tunes. The songs in the book are divided into the 9 Christian concept areas we use in Mission Friends to help preschoolers grow spiritually. Each month as preschoolers learn about a concept area, use that section of Sing to the Tune to guide you in choosing songs.

The Mission Friends song is great to sing with your preschoolers each week. You might sing the Mission Friends song to indicate it is time to start Group Time, or as part of your Group Time closing activity each week. You can hear the song and play it for your preschoolers, or you can download the sheet music with words and the music score.


A Special Message for You

As we sit around the campfire today, we want to encourage you to draw near to God. By Thursday of camp, the campers are usually getting a little homesick. They enjoy getting letters from home. Today we have a special video “letter” to you that is a devotion from Sandy Wisdom-Martin, WMU executive director and Mission Friends teacher extraordinaire. You’ll be inspired by her special words to you on this Thursday of Summer Camp.

After you hear Sandy's message, be sure to check back with us on Facebook as we continue our week of Summer Camp!


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