Mission Friends Teachers Summer Camp - Day 3

Now We're Cooking!

S’mores are a must at camp! We share a recipe below for making s’mores with your preschoolers, and a fire is not necessary. Try it with your Mission Friends!

Cooking with preschoolers is a lot of fun. One cooking or tasting activity is usually included each month in Mission Friends. These are good learning experiences as the cooking activities relate to the missions areas. Use these activities as opportunities to talk about the missions areas and the missionaries’ work. Always post the Allergy Alert Chart to keep preschoolers safe. Read today’s free printable page, Cooking with Preschoolers, for tips on cooking activities with your preschoolers.

"Ewww - I Don't Want to Try That!"

What about the preschooler who will not try a food? I have found that if a preschooler is involved in making something, he is more likely to try tasting it. Even if he does not want to taste the food, he has been involved by stirring or spreading. Avoid forcing a preschooler to eat a food item. Give small portions at first. Encourage him to try a small taste, then if he does not like it he does not have to eat any more. Remember that part of learning comes from seeing the inside of an unfamiliar fruit or smelling a bowl of red beans and rice. Even if a preschooler does not taste the food, he has used his other senses in learning.


Here's Your Recipe for S'mores!

For each s’more:

  • 2 graham crackers
  • small piece of chocolate, or use chocolate frosting
  • marshmallow cream

Help each preschooler place a small piece of chocolate on a graham cracker, or spread chocolate frosting on a graham cracker. Add a small dollop of marshmallow cream, and place the other graham cracker on top. Optional: Heat in a microwave oven.

Enjoy your s’mores and enjoy cooking with your Mission Friends. And, remember to check in with us on Facebook every day for more fun, downloads, and giveaways!


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