Turbulence Ahead

Ding. You hear the sound and look up to see the airplane’s warning light overhead to show you need to buckle your seat belt. The pilot announces that there is some turbulence ahead, and asks all passengers and flight attendants to take their seats and fasten their seat belts. Sure enough, the airplane begins to feel bumpy and shaky. One of the reasons they want you to stay seated with the seat belt buckled is for your protection. It is really hard to stand or walk when the airplane is shaking. It would be easy to fall and hurt yourself or someone else.

Don’t Be Shaken 

Paul also gives a warning in 1 Corinthians 15:58: “My dear friends, stand firm and don’t be shaken.” Paul knew the difficulties and challenges the believers in Corinth were facing. He knew the days ahead would not always be easy for them as followers of Christ. There would be days when they might feel shaky in their faith. The words are like he was telling them, “Put on your seat belts, there’s bumpy air ahead!”

A Firm Foundation

Paul’s words are an encouragement for us to not let our faith be shaken. Let your pursuit of God be unshakable as you seek Him with all your heart. Come humbly before Him every day, confess your sins before Him, and ask Him to guide your feet as you walk with Him. Seek Christ through His Word as you seek to know Him more. Having the foundation of knowing God through study of Scripture and sincere prayer will give you a firm place to stand in your faith. When turbulent times do come, your trust in God will be unshakable.

Pray: Dear God, Thank You for pursuing me in love by sending Christ to pay my penalties. Help me to seek You with all my heart. Even as I seek to know You more, help me to show Your love to the preschoolers I teach in Mission Friends. Teach me through Your Word as I seek You in unshakable pursuit.

Written by Joye Smith, National WMU Preschool Consultant


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