Mission Friends at Home Has a New . . . Home

“Mission Friends at Home” has moved to a magazine near you!

You’ll no longer have to subscribe to an additional resource to get the “Mission Friends at Home” content you love to send home with your preschoolers.

Now a part of Mission Friends Leader, “Mission Friends at Home” is included as a reproducible item so you can copy as needed for your preschoolers. There is one front and back page per month for ages three through kindergarten Mission Friends. And a quarterly reproducible page for babies, ones, and twos.

Yes, you can make the number of copies you need. There’s less waste from leftover leaflets. And no need to order another subscription for more than 10 preschoolers. (No, this doesn’t mean you can copy an entire issue of Mission Friends Leader so that you don’t have to buy multiple copies for all of your Mission Friends leaders. Copyright infringement of that sort hurts WMU’s ability to continue to produce the missions resources you have come to depend on. Now that that’s been said . . .)


Why use “Mission Friends at Home”?

Because parents and other caregivers are your partners, and you are theirs.

As much as preschoolers need to hear and learn truths about God’s love for them and others at church, they also need to experience what it means to live out those truths in daily life. And that’s where parents come in.

And as much as parents know or want to reinforce what their children are learning in Mission Friends, they may not know how to best go about it.

“Mission Friends at Home” does two things for parents:

  1. It tells them what their preschoolers are learning about in Mission Friends.
  2. It gives them concrete, doable suggestions for continued learning about, giving toward, and praying for, and doing missions.

Educators of any age child or teen will tell you all about the importance of parental involvement in their children’s education. “Mission Friends at Home” is one way you can enable parents to be involved in furthering their preschoolers’ faith development.



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