Meet Our Writer, Becky Rainey

Becky Rainey

Let me introduce myself! I am Becky Rainey. My husband, Charles, and I celebrated our 40 anniversary on December 16, 2017. God blessed us with 3 children who love the Lord. Lee and Anna, our grandchildren, are just the icing on top of a wonderful family.

I have always loved historical homes and never thought that I would get to live in one. Life is full of surprises! Charles and I were serving on staff at First Baptist, Bessemer, Alabama, as youth and children ministers. We lived on a farm in Oak Grove, 30 minutes from the church. The drive got old quickly. God led us to a wonderful old home built in 1926 in Bessemer. I loved it from the time we walked in the front door. Short story, we purchased it! The house had a wonderful outdoor area that we could bring the youth and children from the church. I have had so much fun searching for just the right items for our home. We dedicated our home to the Lord and use it to glorify Him. We have lived in this home for over 20 years and continue to use it for the Lord.

I became a Christian at the age of 9 in the fourth grade. My family attended First Baptist Church, Vincent, Alabama. I remember the excitement the day I accepted Jesus as my Savior and Lord. I could not wait to go down front to share with our pastor, Brother Lindy Martin. My mother made a white robe for me to be baptized in. My family moved to Cahaba Heights, Alabama, when I was in fifth grade due to my daddy’s job. We joined Philadelphia Baptist, Cahaba Heights, Alabama. My first real experience with missions was with Girls Auxiliary (now Girls in Action). We met after school at the church once a week. Our teachers shared about missionaries around the world. I participated in the Forward Step program and achieved Queen with Scepter. This program led me to be stronger in my service to the Lord. I learned that not everyone knew about Jesus.

After I had a family of my own, I continued to serve the Lord. God called me to serve him by working with children/preschoolers. I worked as a teacher for 25 years in public schools. I felt my Christian presence in public schools was important. I could touch so many people’s lives. I worked as a paraprofessional, fifth-grade teacher, and a librarian. I remember keeping a Bible on my desk that the Gideons had given me as they passed out Bibles to my fifth grade classroom. I closed this chapter of my life 2 years ago, but still volunteer at my grandchildren’s school.

I have worked with children/preschoolers and church teachers for over 35 years in church ministries. I have been able to teach preschool leader conferences for preschool teachers for the Alabama State Baptist Convention for over 30 years. I presently attend Canaan Baptist Church in Bessemer, Alabama. We are celebrating our 200 year anniversary in 2018. My husband and I teach preschool Sunday School, Bible Drill, and serve on various children/preschool committees. I love serving the Lord by touching children/preschoolers and their families through teaching.

God is always surprising me with new ways to serve him and grow as a Christian. When I was approached to write for Mission Friends, I was so excited. I knew that God was opening a new door for me to serve him. I accepted the invitation to be a writer for Mission Friends. I love learning about the missionaries all over the world. I do lots of research about the missions area before beginning to write my assignment. A trip to the local library is a must to obtain books on the missionaries’ location. My desire is to provide wonderful learning experiences about the missionaries for our Mission Friends.

God is so far ahead of us in our planning. I got a new computer and set up an office in our breakfast room after I retired. I love to sew and I was going to use this area to do sewing and keep up with my antique booth. God had greater plans. I use it as a quiet place for writing. I can see out the windows and see the patio with flowers and trees. My breakfast table has turned into a giant desk for books and information for my writing. I am still close to the other living space to stay connected with my family. Sometimes I am joined by an upcoming young writer, Lee, who joins me at his writing space to work on his latest creation. God has truly blessed me with many exciting experiences and I look forward to what He has in store for me next.

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