March Fifth Session Ideas

The month of March has 5 Sundays, so those who teach Mission Friends on Sunday will have a 5th session this month. Give some of these ideas a try for your 5th session in Mission Friends.


  • Make a picture wall by posting pictures 1-4 from Mission Friends Leader Kit along one wall. Place a piece of construction paper or chart paper under each picture. Have preschoolers tell you about each picture, and write their statements on the papers underneath. Ask preschoolers to think of ways they can pray for Mr. Palmer.
  • Choose one of the Extra Activities suggested for March in Mission Friends Leader, page 21.
  • Look back through the session activities suggested in Mission Friends Leader for March. Plan to do one or two of the activities that you did not have time to do in previous sessions.
  • Use activities from First Steps in Missions, vol. 25, pages 51-57.
  • Reuse kit items for March from Mission Friends Leader Kit.


Group Time

  • Read Always Remember to Pray with your preschoolers. Talk about ways to pray for Mr. Palmer.
  • Repeat one of the Group Time stories from the month and ask preschoolers to listen for a certain word as you tell the story.
  • With older preschoolers, make a simple Venn diagram (two circles that overlap in the middle) on a large piece of paper. Use words to describe your church and Lemhi River Cowboy Church in each circle, with words describing both churches in the overlapping area.
  • Make a knot in the center of a bandana. Toss the bandana to a preschooler, and let him tell you one thing about Mr. Palmer or Lemhi River Cowboy Church. Let each preschooler have a turn catching the bandana.

By Joye Smith, national WMU Preschool Consultant


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