Crafting is Fun!

This month, Mission Friends are learning about WorldCrafts artisans and special helpers. WorldCrafts is an organization that buys handcrafted items from artisans and sells them to provide a living income for artisans and their families. Through WorldCrafts and special helpers, artisans learn about the Father.

Print this page.

Use your electronic device to visit With your preschooler, look at the different handmade items for sale.

Pray for artisans to hear about the heavenly Father and accept His love.

Make a Bracelet

Materials: pony beads and chenille stems

Help your child thread beads on a chenille stem. Twist ends together to form a bracelet. Make additional bracelets to give to neighbors or friends and invite them to church. Say: Like WorldCrafts helps families learn about the Father, we can give a gift and invite others to church so they, too can learn about the Father.


Read the Word thought: Love one another (see 1 John 4:7).


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