Praying with Preschoolers

Always Remember to Pray

“I don’t know what to pray,” said one of my preschoolers after I read the title page in Always Remember to Pray. Several new preschoolers had just promoted into our Mission Friends class a couple weeks before at the beginning of this church year. I decided to read Always Remember to Pray before our prayertime to help us talk about prayer. I responded to this preschooler, “Let’s find out what we can pray!” I read several pages of the book until the preschoolers started fidgeting, and then I flipped the pages over to read the last page. Before we prayed, we talked about ways we could pray for the missionary family.

Preschoolers are learning that we can pray anywhere and at any time. In order to learn how to pray, they need to hear the prayers of their parents and teachers at church. In Mission Friends, we can model how to pray for others as we teach preschoolers of ways to pray for the missionaries featured and the people with whom they serve.

Tips about Praying with Preschoolers

  • Use Bible thoughts about prayer with your preschoolers:
    •  Give thanks to God and praise him (see Psalm 100:4).
    •  Jesus talked to God (see Matt. 14:23).
    •  Pray for one another (see James 5:16).
    •  God hears our prayers (see 1 John 5:14).
  • Express to preschoolers that prayer is talking to God like we are talking to a friend.
  • Begin your prayers in a simple way such as, “Dear God.”
  • Use short sentences that are easy for preschoolers to understand.
  • Help preschoolers think of things for which to give thanks to God.
  • Use the missionary prayer requests in Mission Friends Leader and on the Missions Focus page ( on the website. Choose one or two of the prayer requests to pray for each session.
  • Lead preschoolers to pray for the people who need to hear about Jesus in the missions areas.
  • Use the Prayertime suggestion in Group Time to help preschoolers focus their prayers for the missionaries.
  • Ask preschoolers if they would like to pray aloud. Do not force a preschooler to pray aloud.
  • End prayers simply with “Amen.”
  • Allow preschoolers to take turns praying if more than one preschooler wants to voice their prayers.
  • When reading Always Remember to Pray with preschoolers, ask questions about the illustrations. Ask questions such as “Why do you think the girl is sad?” “For what can you give thanks to God?”
  • Use teachable moments to pray with preschoolers during activities. These could even be one-sentence prayers.
  • Suggest to parents ways they can use artwork their preschooler completes in Mission Friends as a reminder to pray for the missionaries.

Praying for missions is one of our objectives in Mission Friends. Keep before your preschoolers the ways they can pray for missionaries and missions work in places around the world. Guide them to think of others for whom they can pray. Leading preschoolers to pray for missions helps them know we can talk to God and He hears us when we pray.

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