Others in Our World

As we teach preschoolers about the missions area of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, this month in Mission Friends®, we are also focusing on the Christian concept area World. This is a broad and wide concept area that is not always easy to convey to preschoolers. As I think about the concept area World, I like to remember the concept area as “Others in Our World.”

For many years we used the Christian concept area Others. That concept area was changed into the two concept areas of Community and World. When this change was made, at WMU® we generally thought of Community as encompassing other people who live near me. The Christian concept area World includes other people who live far away. We want preschoolers to learn that God loves people around the world, and missionaries tell others in the world about Jesus and His love.

This month as we focus on World as a concept area, the writers of the activities and stories in Mission Friends Leader lead us to focus on the following aspects each week:

Session 1: God loves people of different cultures all over the world.

Session 2: God wants people to help each other.

Session 3: God wants all people in the world to know about Jesus.

Session 4: We can pray for people in different places in the world.

Session 5: Missionaries tell other people in the world about Jesus.

Notice the focus is on people or others rather than the world as a map or globe. Even as we teach this month about the culture and customs of Brazil, we will always relate these to the people in Brazil. We want our Mission Friends to know that God loves the people in Brazil and that Mr. and Mrs. Key are missionaries who tell people in Brazil about Jesus. Preschoolers will learn that they can pray for people in Brazil to know of God’s love for them.

As your preschoolers do the activities this month and listen to the mission stories, be mindful of these concepts about World as you teach them about others in Brazil. Review the Christian concept area chart in Mission Friends Guide for Leaders, pages 44–45, for statements about the concept area  World. Use these statements and conversation recommended in Mission Friends Leader as you go about the activities with your Mission Friends. As you teach preschoolers about God’s love for the people of Brazil, you are helping preschoolers learn the missions concept of others in our world.

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