Using Bible Thoughts with Preschoolers

Bible and Bible-thought puzzles

Preschoolers grow toward God as they come to understand Bible thoughts that are used throughout the month. As they understand the meaning of Bible thoughts, they grow spiritually as the missions concepts become a part of their lives. Today we wanted to share with you several different ways of using Bible thoughts with your preschoolers.

  • For each session in Mission Friends Leader, Bible thoughts are listed in the shaded sidebar of the page. These Bible thoughts relate to the Christian concept area for the month, such as the concept area of God for November. Focus on saying these Bible thoughts many times during the session.

  • Each month, place the Christian concept area poster from the Mission Friends Promotion Pack in an interest area or the Group Time area. Read the Bible thoughts on the poster as preschoolers are engaged in activities.

  • Highlight the Bible thoughts in the Bible in your Mission Friends classroom.

  • Open the Bible and run your finger along the words as you say a Bible thought. This helps preschoolers make the connection that these are words from the Bible.

  • Use Bible bookmarks in different colors. Preschoolers enjoy pulling a bookmark out of the Bible for a teacher to read.

  • Make a Bible thought game by using pieces of colored ribbons to match the colors of Bible-thought bookmarks. Preschoolers match the colors of ribbons to the bookmarks.

  • Have preschoolers clap a rhythm to a Bible thought as they say it.

  • Write a Bible thought on artwork papers beforehand, then say the Bible thought with the preschooler as he does the activity.

  • Say a Bible thought to a preschooler as it relates to an activity he is doing. For example, as a preschooler builds a zoo in Blocks with toy animals, say: God made the animals (see Gen. 1:25).

  • In Group Time, roll or toss a ball to preschoolers. Have all the preschoolers repeat a Bible thought as each preschooler catches the ball.

  • Write Bible thoughts on strips of paper and place these in a gift bag. Ask preschoolers to take turns drawing a paper out of the bag for a teacher to read.

  • Point out Bible thoughts used in mission storybooks for preschoolers, such as Sometimes I Am Afraid or Molly’s Adventures in Missions. After reading the story, look up one of the Bible thoughts in the Bible and talk about the meaning.

  • Use items related to Bible thoughts from the Mission Friends Resource Kit and Pictures, such as Item 7: Bible Thought Photos for the upcoming winter quarter.

  • As kindergartners’ reading skills progress during the school year, make simple puzzles of Bible thoughts. Write a Bible thought on a piece of colored construction paper. Cut the paper into two pieces. Use different cutting lines for different Bible thoughts. When the preschoolers matches the pieces, read the Bible thought with him.

Nurture preschoolers’ spiritual growth as you lead them to know and understand Bible thoughts. As you use the Bible thoughts in various ways in a session, preschoolers hear the Bible thought repeated. They come to know the meaning of Bible thoughts as these relate to their activities. A missions heart will become entwined in their hearts as they learn and understand the missions message of the Bible.

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