Thankful for You


For Thanksgiving week, the WMU preschool team gives thanks for you! Week after week you serve the Lord by teaching preschoolers in Mission Friends. You rarely receive thanks because you are usually encouraging your preschoolers to give thanks for other helpers. What you do in teaching Mission Friends makes a difference in each life you touch. You also make a difference in the ministries of the missionaries as you teach about them and lead your preschoolers to pray for them. Several of the missionaries recently have expressed their thanks for you, so this week we wanted to share their words of thanks.

For example, after Bill Barker was featured as the missionary in September, he sent WMU a message saying that he had received several hundred emails during the month. He shared, “I opened my mail this morning to a stack of GA, RA, and Mission Friends cards. One card, written by a young GA stated, ‘When I grow up, I want to be just like you.’ Yes, I cried and am still moist eyed. How humbling and at the same time challenging.”

During the October unit in Mission Friends featuring Cameron and Jessica Armstrong, our copy editor received communication from the Armstrongs. They were so touched and excited that Mission Friends would celebrate their little girl, Sara’s, 2nd birthday during October. The Armstrongs were very humbled, overwhelmed, and appreciative to be featured in Mission Friends and the other WMU organizations.

One of the Christmas in August missionaries, Pastor Rajan Shahi, also expressed his thanks. He serves as a pastor in a Nepali speaking community in New York. Because of the items Mission Friends sent, his church was able to have an event for the first time to distribute school supplies to people in their neighborhood as a means of outreach to share Christ’s love. Pastor Rajan shared, “Thank you!!! It become real because of you and your team and churches that sent us prayers, cards, notes, encouragement. We are thrilled and in shock to see how many are praying for us.”

Thank you for sharing Christ’s love with preschoolers as you teach Mission Friends. You make a difference in God’s work in the world by leading preschoolers to learn, pray, give, and do missions. We give thanks for you and pray that your Thanksgiving will be blessed!

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