Thank You for Christmas in August

School supply distribution

When your Mission Friends send requested items for Christmas in August, they not only bless the people who will receive the items. They also bless the missionaries with prayers and encouragement. We thought you would like to read these words of thanks from Pastor Rajan Shahi, who serves among the Nepali community in New York City. Pastor Rajan was one of the Christmas in August missionaries this year for Mission Friends and also in the materials and websites for multicultural churches. Enjoy!

From September 1, 2018:

We just finished distributing all our school supplies. We have few left which we will be giving out this Sunday for our church kids. This was such a blessing to us and to our community. In fact this is the first time anything like this took place here in our community. Thank you!!!

It become real because of you and your team and churches that sent us prayers, cards, notes, encouragement. We are thrilled and in shock to see how many are praying for us. For the first time in my life I was able to experience Christmas in August and it was different feeling.

Thank you again for blessing.

Pastor Rajan Shahi

"Serving Nepali Speaking in Elmhurst, Queens"


receiving school supplies

September 24, 2018

We are in fact still receiving boxes!!! So we decided to keep them for next year as the school year has already began this year. I'm waiting to end of this month so I can send out the thank you note to everyone. I try to save every single address.

We want thank you from the bottom of our heart for WMU ministry and the impact we are able to make because of your help. This event become possible because of your support and we pray that God will bring those souls back. In fact we are already seeing some results. Please celebrate with us as we have over 20 kids signed up for the homework help and music lesson we provide every Friday. We reached out to over 200 kids with supplies and we got 20 back (not bad).

We will keep you posted and please pray as we prepare for next year and even encourage our locals to give so we can reach more kids.

Thank you again.


Pastor Rajan Shahi

"Serving Nepali Speaking in Elmhurst, Queens"

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