Summer in Mission Friends

Preschool Summer Fun

Put some zest in Mission Friends this summer! Times at church might be more relaxed during the summer, so it’s the perfect time to do something a little different such as going outside for an activity. Keep the energy going in Mission Friends with these ideas to try throughout this summer.

  • Go outside for Group Time. Once a month, or maybe even more, take your preschoolers outside to tell the mission story and have Prayertime. I put a flannel-backed vinyl tablecloth down on the ground for my preschoolers to sit on, and this gives them a parameter for our Group Time outside.

  • Try doing one of the activities outdoors once a month during the summer. In June, have the Bike Ride as suggested in Mission Friends Leader, page 24. For July, Look and Paint (Mission Friends Leader, p. 33) is a great activity to do outside as preschoolers paint nature scenes. In August, Baseball Roll (Mission Friends Leader, p. 50) would lend itself well to play outside. Being outside gives a different perspective to preschoolers as they do activities. Be sure preschoolers are safe and secure at all times when outside.

  • Place an emphasis on doing Helping Others activities during the summer. Use the suggestions for Helping Others activities in Mission Friends Leader or First Steps in Missions, vol. 23. Summer is a good time to involve preschoolers in doing missions in simple ways by helping others.

  • Invite parents to join your Mission Friends in an activity in a session. They will have fun learning about missions along with their preschooler.

  • Invite a grandparent or other senior adult to read a mission storybook to preschoolers.

  • Take time to do a cooking activity in Mission Friends, such as making pretzels or apple strudel as suggested in Mission Friends Leader, Session 2 of the July unit on Germany.

  • Make Christmas in August a highlight of the summer. Choose one of the missionaries from the Christmas in August list, and involve preschoolers and their families in collecting items requested. Have a Christmas party in August to pack the items to send. Tell preschoolers how the missionary will use the items in his or her ministry.

  • Ask parents to have their preschooler bring a postcard to Mission Friends, if their family travels this summer to vacation, visit family members, etc. Place the postcards on a bulletin board in your classroom, and let each preschooler tell about his trip.

  • Send a note to preschoolers when they are absent from Mission Friends. Let them know you care about them and miss them when they are out.

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