Multiply by Dividing

Multiply by dividing

Do you remember learning the multiplication tables? Ugh! I was never good at memorizing and never good with numbers, so learning the multiplication tables was quite a task for me as a child. I liked geometry, but not doing math that is multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction. I see that still today as I enjoy putting a puzzle together, but I use my calculator app for even simple addition and multiplication.

You don’t need a calculator to encourage growth in your Mission Friends group. There’s a simple algorithm for multiplying your Mission Friends. Stacy Nall, preschool and children’s consultant for Kentucky WMU, says, “In our own church, I have seen how dividing classes multiplies kids!” You can multiply your Mission Friends by dividing your class. Take a look at ways to encourage multiplication through division.

  • Look at the ages of preschoolers in your Mission Friends. Is it time to make a separate class for the Kindergartners? In a class of blended ages, are there more babies, ones, and twos? If so, consider opening a class for these younger preschoolers. Dividing the ages allows all your preschoolers to learn at their own level or stage of development.

  • Look at the number of preschoolers in your group. Preschoolers learn better when they are in a smaller group. Follow the maximum group size as suggested in Mission Friends Guide for Leaders, page 16. Even before you reach the maximum group size, you might decide to divide your group.

  • Consider your room size. Preschoolers need room in which to move around as they learn. A room with too many preschoolers does not promote learning or relationship building between teachers and preschoolers. Work with your church staff or preschool leadership to locate a second classroom to use for Mission Friends.

  • Enlist teachers for a new class. For safety and security reasons, at least 2 adults are needed in a classroom. Invite leaders to serve the Lord through teaching Mission Friends. Show them the materials and allow them to observe a session. Help them to see the impact they will make as they teach Mission Friends.

  • Inform parents of the new class for their preschoolers. Let them know the teachers’ names and the room number. Help them to know their preschooler will grow toward God as they learn about missions.

Multiply by dividing. This kind of math will give the results of growth in Mission Friends in your church. This gives the opportunity to involve more preschoolers in missions learning and growing in God’s love.

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