Giving to Missions

School Roof Tile

The green tile is a great reminder to me of the impact preschoolers and children can have when they give to missions. This single tile that sits on a shelf in the WMU lobby has a chevron design and a flower. A plaque beside the tile notes that it is from the Tung Shan Church which was built in Canton, China, in 1908 by the Sunbeam Bands of the USA. Sunbeams was the forerunner of Mission Friends®, and the children at that time were encouraged to give their money towards building a church in China. The children were told about the need for people to hear of Jesus, and encouraged to give as their part in sharing the gospel with people around the world. I wonder how many people heard about Christ because of this Chinese church that the Sunbeams built?

When my preschoolers at church bring their offerings to Mission Friends®, they usually bring lots of pennies, with possibly some nickels, dimes, and quarters mixed in. I remember last year one parent said apologetically as she handed me her son’s bank, “It’s not very much.” But then as I included all their offerings together, I was amazed at how much our preschoolers gave. Even their small amounts make a difference when we put them together. What an impact they are making on our world today as they give to missions!

During this time of year we think about giving to missions as we focus on the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering®. Preschoolers can support missions by giving to special missions offerings such as the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering, Annie Armstrong Easter Offering®, and state or associational offerings. Preschoolers also give to missions as we encourage them to give each week, as part of the money given through the Cooperative Program goes to North American, international, and state missions efforts.

As we encourage preschoolers to give, we need to use teachable moments to let them know how their offerings help missionaries to be able to tell people about Jesus. With preschoolers, it is usually best to help them know how their offerings are used by the missionaries they are learning about in Mission Friends

The preschoolers and children in Sunbeams long ago made an impact for Christ in the world by giving to build a church in China. Our preschoolers today in Mission Friends also make an impact on the spread of the gospel as they give to missions. As we encourage our preschoolers to give to missions, we instill the biblical discipline of giving. Many in our world today do not know of Jesus. I wonder how many will hear of Christ this year because our preschoolers give to missions?

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