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Mission Friends Leaders

I don’t have one of those buttons you could push that says, “That was easy!” Sometimes it is not an easy task to find all of the leaders you need in your preschool area at church. Especially at this time of year, churches are looking for leaders to fill all of the teaching positions for the new church year. What can you do to make it easier to find leaders for Mission Friends®? Here are some tips for finding leaders.

  • Pray first of all. Begin with prayer that God would lead you to new leaders who have a heart for preschoolers.

  • Follow your church’s procedure for securing new leaders. Your church may have a nominating committee who contacts prospective leaders, you might work with the WMU director of your church, or there may be a staff person for you to work with, such as minister of education or preschool minister.

  • Be positive in asking people to serve. Present this as an opportunity to be part of your church’s preschool ministry. Help them to know how teaching makes an eternal difference in the lives of preschoolers.

  • Make people aware of the need by placing announcements in many different places. Place posters throughout the church, use information tables in the church, place an article in your church newsletter, and give announcements in adult classes.

  • Ask a current teacher to give a testimony about teaching Mission Friends.

  • Think of the people who have shown an interest in preschoolers or missions, and connect with them by phone or in person to ask them to serve.

  • Consider enlisting parents of preschoolers, both moms and dads. They have an interest in seeing their preschooler grow toward God, and teaching Mission Friends gives them an active way to take part in that growth.

  • Look for leaders from many different avenues: college students, empty nesters, senior adults, single adults, or VBS teachers.

  • Consider adults in your church who have an interest in missions. Are there those who have gone on missions trips? Do you have adults who are involved in Women on Mission®, myMISSIONSM, or Adults on MissionSM?

  • Show prospective teachers the teaching resources that are provided through Mission Friends Leader, and Mission Friends Resource Kit and Pictures

  • Provide Mission Friends Guide for Leaders for a prospective teacher to review.

  • Let prospective teachers know of training opportunities available. Check with your association or state WMU to learn of training opportunities locally. Visit to find out about the online training course, Leading Mission Friends.

  • Offer for a prospective teacher to observe a Mission Friends session.

  • Ask a new teacher to serve alongside an experienced teacher.

  • Always respect a person’s decision about teaching Mission Friends, even if their answer is “No.”

  • Encourage those you enlist to pray and ask the Lord if He is leading them to serve through Mission Friends.

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